You Can Lose 25 Pounds Within The Next Month By Avoiding These 4 Damaging Mistakes!

Whatever your weight loss goals are, if you avoid the following 4 mistakes I’m about to talk about today, you could actually lose as much as 25 pounds in the next month! That’s how powerful it is for you to avoid these mistakes. On the other hand, ignoring these very popular mistakes will make it very difficult, if not, IMPOSSIBLE, for you to lose weight, improve your overall health, and get in great shape. Take a little bit of time out of your day and read on to learn more…

The First Damaging Mistake – Not starting your day off right! It’s vitally important that if you are to stay motivated everyday to reach your overall weight loss goals, you MUST start your day off right. Otherwise, you can end up losing motivation and end up going down the road of making additional poor decisions for the rest of the day.

Starting your day off right means boosting your metabolism, giving yourself a boost of natural energy for the day, and ALWAYS having a smart breakfast.

A couple of things you can do to boost your metabolism first thing in the morning are doing a quick body-weight exercise routine (such as burpees, mountain climbers, lunges, etc.) and drinking a glass of ice-cold water. Those things I just mentioned will also give you a boost of natural energy (as well as eating a smart breakfast) for the day.

A smart breakfast is a meal that includes all important food groups (protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals). This is also the only time of the day that you can have a moderate amount of simple carbs (sugar). A good example of a smart breakfast could be something such as a bowl of oatmeal with crushed almonds, some blueberries, and make it with fat-free milk (or soy milk). Having a great breakfast will prevent you from eating poorly later on.

The Second Damaging Mistake – Overlooking the most forgotten rules! With diet and exercise, most people get so caught up with fad-diets and fitness programs that they overlook the most important (and forgotten) rules of losing weight and improving one’s health.

Those rules are drinking plenty of water everyday, getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night (VERY IMPORTANT), getting all types of nutrients in your diet, and staying 100% consistent with your weight loss plan no matter what. Those rules are what will ensure your success with whatever plan you choose to do.

The Third Damaging Mistake – Eating so-called diet foods and diet drinks! I’m sorry if I am breaking this news to you, but many diet foods (such as most low-fat, low-carb foods), and diet drinks (diet soda and diet juices) are actually bad for you! Not all… but most are.

These things are bad for you because with the one thing they take out, they replace with something else that is just as unhealthy for you (such as replacing carbs with more fat or more calories and replacing sugar with dangerous aspartame artificial sweetener).

The solution to this problem is simple. Eat and drink natural. Your body responds to natural foods and drinks much more better and you’ll notice quicker results by doing so. Try it out for 3 days and watch the difference!

The Fourth Damaging Mistake – Going on an ineffective diet! This is a big one! Many people get, (for the lack of a better word), TRICKED, into buying one of these popular fad diet programs you see circulating all over the place! The reason why is because these programs “seem” as if they would be effective because of their “different and weird” approach (such as eating a bunch of bananas everyday), but trust me on this, they are very ineffective, they cause a ton of side-effects, and if you just so happen to lose a couple of pounds on these diets, you can rest assure that weight is coming right back! And that’s because fad diets decrease your metabolism… and once your metabolism decreases… any calories you eat after the diet is done is going to be stored as extra body fat!

The simple solution to this problem is to go on an all natural program (here is a great program that I highly recommend) that is guaranteed to boost your metabolism, boost your energy, and cause pounds of fat to melt away 100% naturally, easily, and permanently. I did this, and I ended up losing 25 pounds a month with ease… and permanently!