What’s The Most Effective Type Of Diet To Lose Weight For Anyone? (No Matter Age, Current Weight, Etc)

Wondering what’s the most effective type of diet to lose weight… for ANYONE? Continue reading to learn more…

There are many reasons why people may fail on their goals to lose weight and improve their overall health and body. Some of those reasons are not having the motivation to stick with the program, going on an ineffective diet, or skipping important parts of getting in shape (such as drinking more water and getting more sleep). However, there is one more reason many have a hard time getting results…

They are on a diet that is simply not working for them. No matter what they do, this particular diet just isn’t working for them!

Does this describe you? If so, or if you just want to ensure that the diet program you spend money on and commit to is actually going to work, then continue reading to see which type of diet is guaranteed to be the most effective… no matter your age, current weight, *some* medical conditions (which by the way I recommend you still consult your physician first no matter what), etc.

Alright, first things first. The key to getting in great shape has nothing to do with the scale. In other words, losing weight should never be the goal (as weird as that may sound). What I recommend you focus on is losing pounds of body fat.

Anyone can lose weight. Heck, you can drop 5 pounds in the next few days simply by drinking a ton of water and decreasing your salt intake. However, strictly focusing on losing weight can have some pretty annoying setbacks. Such as yo-yo weight loss, loose skin, or you may end up being what some call “skinny-fat” (which is a thin person with nothing but body fat and no muscle tone).

Burning pounds of body fat has a TON of rewards. You’ll be much more healthier internally, you’ll look 10x times better than someone who is just focusing on losing pounds, you don’t lose muscle tissue, you don’t regain weight you’ve just lost, and your results will end up lasting for life (as long as you continue a healthy lifestyle).

With all that being said, now the question is: Which type of diet is most effective to get those results above… and is best for ANYONE to use?

Well, based off a ton research I myself have done, based off of using this particular type of diet myself after failing with MANY other diets, and based off of the research of many health professionals, the best type of diet to go on that is highly effective for anyone is a natural diet program centered around increasing your metabolism with food.

Please take note of a couple of the words I mentioned above:

1. NATURAL – This means it should be based around eating ALL types of foods, and if you are vegan, vegetarian, etc., it should have a specific program tailored for you as well. It should not be based on restricting particular nutrients (such as restricting carbs, fats, protein, etc.).

2. Increasing Your METABOLISM With Food – This means that it should do the one thing that is sure to cause pounds of fat to melt away off your body… and that would be skyrocketing your bodies metabolism. The diet program I went on did this with a method called “shifting calories”. Basically, this type of dieting is based on eating more often with smaller meals (which by itself will help boost your metabolism), and then rotating the calories you eat around in a special pattern to trick your bodies metabolism. This “tricking of your metabolism” is what will cause it to increase like never before.

Did it work? Well, I wound up losing 52 pounds of fat in 8 weeks… so I would say HECK yeah!

Bottom line, if a diet is based on eating and not starving, depriving, or restricting, and if it is based on boosting your bodies metabolism using food (no pills), then this is a type of diet I highly recommend you consider. This type of diet will work for anyone and will produce quick, consistent, easy, and permanent weight loss (or should I say a loss of several pounds of body fat)!

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