What Is A Huge Mistake To Avoid If You Want To Stay Consistent With Diet And Exercise?

What is the first thought that comes to you mind when it comes to healthy eating and doing some type of physical fitness? Is it negative? If it is, then this article is just for you! Today I’m going to talk about a simple trick to overcome a crucial mistake you should NEVER do with dieting and exercising. This tip will help you actually DESIRE to stay consistent with improving your body… instead of dreading it!

You see, getting in better shape will always start with your MIND. It doesn’t matter what diet you go on, or which exercise program you do. If your mind isn’t right… then your waistline ain’t getting tight! How you think, how you respond, and what you desire most will depict whether or not you’ll be successful with your program. Therefore, as you can see, focusing heavily on getting your mind right is most certainly the most important step in the beginning.

But how do you do this? Should you just tell yourself “enough is enough… I’m going to get in shape no matter what”… and then you just go jump right in with both feet with a diet and exercise program? Do you just mentally block those annoying craving urges that pop up? Do you just force yourself to put in the exercise DVD, or put your exercise gear on and head to the gym, etc.? Do you just deprive and deny yourself of foods and drinks you can’t seem to let go of?


Do you play it smart and allow your mind to catch up to what your body desires most?

I don’t know about you, but that second option sure does sound a whole lot better!

The bottom line is that the most important thing you should NEVER do if you want to stay consistent with dieting and exercising is to never FORCE yourself to start living healthier!

My friend, what I’m getting at here is that you should never force yourself to change and adapt to living healthy. What I recommend you do instead is to allow the changes to happen naturally. And by “naturally”, I’m talking about you getting to the point where you no longer desire bad things or prefer to be lazy. Instead, you end up desiring healthier foods and having a more active lifestyle. You will be more willing to stick to your diet if you NATURALLY start despising unhealthy foods and desire more healthy foods. Forcing yourself is a surefire way to end up failing.

It’s just like a personality trait. You can’t force someone to change how they are, if a change is going to happen, it’s going to happen on its own (through experiences, etc.).

Here are a few tips to help explain this a little better:

1. For dieting, yes, I do recommend you get yourself on a reputable diet program (such as one of these highly effective programs HERE). However, to ensure you stay consistent with it, I recommend that you get mind right first. So, what I suggest you do is to “break into” healthy eating gradually until you start to desire more healthy foods than you do bad foods. In other words, instead of eliminating bad foods, introduce more healthier foods into your diet. In no time you’ll start to desire the healthier foods. The reasons why is because you’ll begin to see results for one, and secondly, you will discover how better you’ll feel after eating healthy foods, and how crappy you feel after eating bad foods or drinking bad beverages.

2. Another example is with water. You don’t have to start drinking a ton of water right away. Gradually increase the amount of water you drink each day until you start to desire it more than bad drinks (soda, sugary juices, etc.).

3. For exercising, you do not have to do full insane workouts everyday if you feel like you can’t get motivated to them. Instead, you could do quick 1 to 2 minute workouts throughout the day. After some time, you will start to desire doing a full exercising routine. You could literally just stand up right now and do 10 jumping jacks and 5 body squats!

So, if you want to stay consistent with dieting and exercising, start with getting your mind on board. GRADUALLY move into healthy living and before you know it, you’ll actually despise bad foods and you’ll actually get frustrated if anything is getting in the way of you doing your exercise routine for the day!

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