Weight Loss Motivation: 1 Easy Tip To Not Get Sick And Tired Of Dieting And Exercising! (Seriously!)

To get continuing weight loss motivation to stick to dieting and exercising, I used to think that I would have to surround myself with everything healthy on a constant basis. As you probably already know, that is VERY impossible these days! I mean, you got fast food restaurants every where you turn, you walk in the mall and smell those wonderful cinnabons, you go grocery shopping and smell the bakery, you got all kinds of holidays and cook-outs that come up, and so much more! So, what do you do?

Well, one of the things I did (and still do) to help me stay focused, committed, and motivated with living healthy may “sound” kind of simple, but it is VERY powerful if you put it into action. And that one thing I am talking about is doing whatever it takes (that’s natural of course) to stick with living healthy.

To better explain this, I figured it would be best to give you some examples:

1. One thing I like to do to encourage myself personally to drink more water is to get a cup and fill it up with ice, get a large diameter straw, fill up a 1/2 gallon jug with fresh water to carry with me, cut up a lemon and place that in the 1/2 gallon jug, and then just fill up the cup of ice with the fresh lemon water throughout the day. What I found was that I was able to drink a lot of water to begin with, but by doing it the way I just mentioned, I was able to drink a WHOLE LOT more!

2. To get more encouraged and willing to exercise, I make sure I make it as easy as possible for me to just get to it. What I mean by that is for one, I workout at home, and secondly, I make sure that everything I need (light fitness equipment, space to workout, etc.) is already ready. Because of this, I don’t make any excuses. I also make sure that the workouts I do are very effective, but also very simple to do.

For example, I like to do a variety of body weight exercises in a circuit. To avoid getting bored, I like to mix these workouts up each time I do them! It’s fun, motivating, easy, and I find it very easy to stick to! Oh yeah, I also get AMAZING results with this type of workout as well… with very little equipment and no gym membership!

3. At this point I don’t need much motivation to eat healthy, but in the beginning I used to do a little trick. What I did was I ensured I had a “look forward to” part of the meal. It was pretty much like a 80/20 rule (80% healthy 20% treat). For example, I would have let’s say some chicken breast, a nice serving of steamed broccoli, and for my “look forward to” part of the meal I would have some candied sweet potatoes! The good thing about that example meal is that sweet potato is actually good for you, but of course adding some marshmallows and a little sugar is not so good… but boy does it taste it good (lol)!

Bottom line, you DO NOT have to do the same ol’ boring stuff in regards to living healthier. Mix it up a little, experiment, and do whatever it takes (that makes you happy and motivated) to live healthier!

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