Weight Loss Dieting With A Twist – Try This Amazing Diet Trick And Watch The Pounds Melt Away!

Do you want to do weight loss dieting that is simple, different from the usual, and guaranteed effective? If you said no, I’m going to have to question your sanity! Just kidding! Seriously though, if you want to get in the best shape of your life easily, quickly, and have fun while you do it, I encourage you to read this entire article here to find out an amazing diet trick I learned that helped me get crazy results in the first week.

Alright, the secret to success with getting in the best shape of your life (and I’m talking getting lean, toned, healthy, and the whole nine yards here!) begins and ends with your metabolism. The faster you get your metabolism (naturally), the more you are going to receive amazing results with your body.

But here’s the problem: Most people already know this, BUT, they are going about boosting their metabolism the wrong way. Have you found yourself taking diet pills or going on restrictive diet programs in an attempt to raise your metabolism? If so, then this is for sure the culprit as to why you haven’t received the results you hoped for.

Ironically, restrictive diets and diet pills do not boost your metabolism, they actually will cause it to decrease! Go figure! The reason this happens is because the body does not react to restricting nutrients and calories, and it certainly does not react well to foreign substances (diet pills). In fact, in doesn’t react to anything that is unnatural for that matter. This is why it is also so easy to gain weight and body fat from eating processed foods.

So, what is the best way to boost your metabolism 100% naturally you ask? My friend, take it from me, the best way to boost your metabolic rate on a consistent basis is to break your bodies comfort zone!

With everything you do, your body will become accustomed to it. It’s similar to muscle memory. The problem with this is that with your body becoming accustomed to your eating habits or your fitness level, your metabolism will begin to rest again… and this of course is NOT a good thing!

How do I break my bodies comfort zone?

To naturally break your bodies comfort zone, this is what I recommend you do:

1. For exercising, I first recommend that you focus more on doing muscle-building exercises and higher intensity cardio. Second, to break your bodies comfort zone with exercises, I recommend that you consistently change-up your exercising efforts as you become accustomed to your current level. By increasing the intensity as you develop, you will prevent (and/or break) a plateau, and you’ll keep your metabolism running sky-high!

On the other hand, doing the same types of exercises with the same intensity is only going to bring the SAME results. Strength, fat loss, losing weight, getting six-pack abs, a skinnier waistline, and all of those greatly desired goals will all come about by pushing your body beyond its comfort zone.

2. Another thing you can do to break your bodies comfort zone is to change the times that you eat each day… but never to the point where you begin to starve. By switching up the times of day that you eat, you are confusing your bodies metabolism (since it has been programmed to desire food at specific times of the day), and this will cause it to increase!

3. The next tactic with this weight loss diet trick is to never eat until you are stuffed. Your body has been programmed over the years to signal to you to continue to eat until you feel VERY full. This is certainly not a good thing. Eating until you are stuffed is a surefire way to decrease your metabolism. And this is because your digestive system is having a difficult time trying to process the gazillion calories you just consumed.

The thing to do here is to eat just until you are satisfied… BUT… eat more often during the day. This 1 – 2 punch will boost your metabolism like crazy! Eating smaller meals more often during the day has been proven extensively as being one of the most effective tactics for burning off pounds of fat fast, decreasing hunger pangs, and eliminating annoying cravings.

4. Now, besides the 3 tactics above to break my bodies comfort zone, the following trick is what set my metabolism on fire!

This dieting trick is extremely powerful since for one, it is incredibly easy to do, second, it is based around eating instead of starving yourself, and third, it is designed to skyrocket your bodies fat burning hormones.

This tactic is known as “shifting calories”. What it is based around is rotating your calorie patterns around in a special way. This is by far the most powerful method to boost your metabolism and melt away pounds of fat naturally, quickly, EASILY, and permanently.

Now, I know that breaking your comfort zone… is… well… uncomfortable, but trust me on this, it isn’t as difficult as it seems, and the rewards you are going to receive (getting a lot of attention everywhere you go, feeling a ton of energy without needing energy boosts, having lower stress levels, and living a longer life) are certainly worth it!

Just choose the right diet based on boosting your metabolic rate NATURALLY (such as this highly recommended program HERE), and follow those other tricks above to break your bodies comfort zone, and I can assure you, you are going to be slimmer, trimmer, and healthier before you know it!

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