Weight Loss Dieting: 7 Reasons That Make Crash Dieting Just Plain Stupid!

Getting things at lightning speed is something that drives most of us these days. With losing weight, this is certainly no exception. Most people who want to lose weight will right off the bat indicate that they want to do so as quickly as possible. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it is a bad thing if the wrong approach is taken to get very fast weight loss. One of those bad things is crash dieting (also known as fad dieting). In today’s article I wanted to outline for you the 7 points that make crash dieting pointless and very unhealthy.

1. Crash diets are regularly endorsed by celebrities and other famous people. This of course causes a false assumption that these diets must work and it therefore causes many people to end up dishing out a ton of money buying the next best diet. As soon as people here that the Princess used the “ABC” diet, or this famous actor/singer used the “XYZ” diet, etc., people immediately think that the diet must work. This is further from the truth.

2. When on a crash diet, your caloric intake is more than likely going to be cut down to around 1,000 calories a day (or less). Also, most of these crash diets will have you severely restrict carbs and fats (including healthy carbs and fats).

3. Now, where a lot of people end up with false hope is that yes, you’ll certainly experience fast weight loss in the first couple of weeks, BUT…

4. Once you reach the third week of the diet, your results will begin to slow down! This is due to the strict calorie reduction which forces your body to reduce its metabolism.

5. At this point, your weight loss progress is starting to slow down, you are losing a ton of energy, you’re feeling deprived, and you are feeling excessively hungry more than ever before. This leads to a loss of motivation and forces most people to return back to normal eating.

6. Remember how the metabolism has now slowed down? Well, now that you are eating normal again, your body fears that you are going to be starving yourself again in the future. So, what it does at this point is it will begin to store a bulk of the calories you eat as extra body fat as a reserve! Also, your metabolism will be weakened and will now have a hard time metabolizing fat.

7. Bottom line, crash dieting makes no sense whatsoever if you are trying to lose weight fast… but without the negative repercussions. This is because they will only cause problems with your bodies natural functions and will lead to you regaining weight that you’ve lost… and in most cases… even more weight.

The Best Approach…

Going on a natural and sensible diet and exercise program is by far the best thing to do. Exercising to raise your metabolism (such as doing interval cardio and muscle-building exercises) and eating to raise your metabolism (such as shifting calories around) is the best approach to getting fast results. This is because this approach is first 100% natural, second, it burns pounds of FAT and not muscle or just water weight, third, when you return back to normal healthy eating, you won’t put pounds back on, and fourth, you don’t suffer from annoying side-effects (feeling deprived, starved, low energy, etc.).

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