Ways To Slim Down Fast And Healthy – Top 5 Powerful Foods To Get Fast Weight Loss

Are you looking for ways to slim down fast and healthy? Well, if you answer the following question, then you are already half way to your dream body.

Are you ready?

Okay, what is the number one rule for losing weight, burning fat, and improving one’s total health?

Did you answer proper nutrition? GREAT! Getting 100% proper nutrition (NO FAD DIETS) is for sure the smartest thing you can do for getting that perfect dream body. Many people get so caught up in the next best shiny diet system or diet pill on the market, when all along, simply eating the right foods (in the right way) is by far the greatest of all ways to weight loss… no matter if you have struggled before with dieting or not.

That being said, in this article here I’m going to talk about 5 of the most powerful foods that I recommend you add into your daily diet:

Ways to slim down fast

1.) RAW Fruits And Vegetables – By eating plenty of raw fruits and veggies, you are helping your body in so many different aspects:

  • You will lose weight quicker due to the negative calorie effect of raw fruits and veggies.
  • You will improve your digestive system and more due to the abundance of antioxidants and fiber found in raw fruits and veggies.
  • Your hunger pangs will decrease (especially if you eat either/or fruits and veggies throughout the day).
  • You will improve the overall quality of your health… and so much more!

I recommend that you get all types of raw fruits and veggies in your diet for best results. Speaking of which, the only fruit I recommend you eat in moderation are bananas since they are high in simple carbs (sugar).

2.) Lean Protein – When you eat lean proteins such as chicken breast, turkey breast, whey protein, egg whites, organic yogurt, nuts, and more, you will improve many different aspects of your health. For starters, you will be able to build more muscle tissue, and this will SKYROCKET your metabolism and resting metabolic rate. Second, your body will burn more calories to digest protein more than anything else!

3.) Spices – When you add spices to your meals such as cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and garlic, you can increase your metabolic rate by a very large percentage! Also, adding spices to your meals can reduce your appetite as well.

4.) Seafood – Now I’m not suggesting that you go crazy and start chowing down on some good ol’ catfish, crabs, and lobster! I’m referring to healthy seafood. If you add fish into your diet such as tuna, salmon, and other healthy fish options, you will improve your leptin levels. If your leptin levels are improved, your body will burn calories more so than storing them! Also, given that fish is high in protein and healthy fat (monounsaturated and omega fatty acids), you will stabilize your blood sugar levels, help increase your metabolic rate, improve your heart health, build lean muscle tissue, decrease hunger pangs, and more.

5.) Apples – Yes, I’m aware I already mentioned above that raw fruits was one of the best foods to slim down fast, but apples deserve a spot of their own!

The doctor was right! Eating at least an apple a day has a tremendous amount of health benefits! One of those benefits is the pectin that is found in apples will actually assist your body in preventing the absorption of fat, it will curb your appetite (this is also because of the good amount of fiber contained in apples), and so much more. Now as with most fruits that are high in fiber, make sure you have apples in moderation.

Bottom line, finding ways to slim down fast and healthy is not really going to be difficult… IF… you are ensuring your search for the best ways has A LOT to do with getting 100% proper nutrition. Add those foods above into your diet, and I can assure you that you will begin to notice a difference almost immediately (especially with raw fruits and veggies) with how you feel (energy, etc.) and how quickly you’ll start losing body fat weight.

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