Top 8 Methods To Lose Weight (Including The ONE Method I Used To Drop 25 Lbs Every 30 Days!)

I am proof that if you find an effective method to lose weight, then you will certainly get amazing results. In this article here, I’m going to talk about 8 of the most popular methods to lose weight, including the ONE method I used that brought me astounding results (25 pounds lost in the first 30 days)!

1. Drink more water AND decrease sodium… Now, it’s one thing to ensure that you get plenty of water. I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty of times. However, it’s another thing to ensure that all of the water you are drinking is not going to be stored and put on as excess water weight. So, one of the ways you can lose weight is to not just drink more water, but also decrease your sodium intake. This is because sodium causes water retention (which PUTS ON pounds), and when you decrease sodium, and at the same time increase water consumption, you TAKE OFF a TON of pounds!

2. Detoxify… This is another popular method you hear so much about. What detoxifying does in a nutshell is it will cleanse your body of harmful pollutants and toxins that could be making you sick, bloated, and you could also be holding several pounds of fecal waste! I do recommend that you cleanse your body, but I DO NOT recommend this as the ONLY thing you do. Proper nutrition and fitness is still vitally important.

3. “Activity” cardio… What better way than to do one of the most dreaded things in the world of weight loss (cardio) than to do it by having fun?! When you are having fun with cardio, you are more than likely to do it very consistently and to the point where you’ll drop pounds like crazy! Some of the things you could do are zumba fitness, dancing, sport activities (such as tennis and basketball), and more.

4. Lower carb intake… Decreasing carbs is another popular method to lose weight. However, this approach get’s so misused and many people (including myself when I first got started) end up with no results, no energy, and a lot of money wasted! I strongly don’t recommend you go on a strict “low-carb” diet, but I certainly do recommend you decrease your bad carb (sugar, white flour foods) intake as much as possible. Just don’t decrease good carbs (fiber) too much as this is something you MUST get in order to lose weight, keep your digestive system running smoothly, and so much more.

5. Lower fat intake… This type of dieting is based around strictly reducing all types of fats. In theory, it makes perfect sense to decrease fats, but there is one little problem: Our bodies need healthy fat (omega fatty acids, monounsaturated fats) in order to effectively burn fat, improve our heart health, and so much more. The fats to decrease are saturated fats and DEFINITELY trans fat!

6. Do body-weight routines… One of my favorite ways to drop pounds lightning fast is to do body-weight routines. Body-weight exercises involve… Okay, never mind, I’m not going to insult your intelligence here! (lol) But seriously though, if you don’t have access to a gym or workout equipment, doing body-weight exercises (especially if you do them in a circuit routine to REALLY get your heart rate up), you can get an amazing workout right in the comfort of your home!

7. Lower calorie intake… This is probably the most popular method around for losing weight. This approach is simply based around finding out what your BMR (basal metabolic rate) is to determine how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight. Then, you would simply decrease that amount by a large margin with the hopes of getting fast weight loss.

Please take note of the word “hopes” that I mentioned above. This is because this type of dieting is rarely effective… and the reason why is because if you severely restrict calories, you are only going to force your metabolism to decrease. This happens because it “thinks” you are starving and will therefore reduce and store the bulk of whatever calories you do eat… as extra body fat… to “protect” you!

The best approach with reducing calories is to only reduce your caloric intake by no more than 300-500 calories below your maintenance level and utilize exercise and daily activities to burn off a ton of calories.

8. Shifting calories… This method is the method I used to help me drop 25 pounds in 30 days. This is also something that is increasingly becoming more and more popular. The reason why it worked so well for me and is becoming so popular is because it’s based around EATING to lose weight and not starving yourself.

It’s not based around any type of “low-THIS”, “restrict-THAT”, etc. type of dieting. It’s based around eating more often during the day and then rotating the pattern of how you eat nutrients to manipulate your fat burning hormones into increasing substantially. This will all cause you to drop pounds of body fat (not muscle) very fast due to a spike in your metabolism.

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