Top 3 Muscle Building Tips For Extreme Muscle Growth In Only Weeks

By Chess McDoogle

If you follow these muscle building tips you can see positive results in only weeks. Guys who don’t follow these tips usually end up looking the same year after year. If only they would’ve put to work these 3 muscle building tips which are all very simple then they wouldn’t have wasted years trying to obtain results they could have experienced in only weeks.

Here we go, time to get big:

1. Train Heavy. You have to lift heavy weights relative to your own fitness level, in order to force your muscles to grow. No, you do not need to train like a powerlifter, but you do need to train heavy. Look at it this way, lifting light weights will tell the muscle the following: “Oh, you just want to just stay the same.” While lifting heavier will tell the muscle, “Okay, okay, I get the message, I’m going to grow bigger”.

You can train heavy in a very safe manner with good form. Don’t think of training heavy as a negative, injury prone activity as it is not when it is done properly. You simply want to choose a weight that you can safely control both in the positive and negative motion for a rep range of 6-8. If you are able to do more reps then the weight is probably too light. If you can do 6-8 reps but you are cheating and your form is bad then the weight is too heavy and you need to go lighter. Remember, the window we want is strong, safe form performed in the rep range of 6-8.

2. Short Workouts. The number one culprit for those not getting big is overtraining. Unfortunately this is a common plague in many muscle building tips especially those found in the magazines. There’s a good saying, “if you want to get big, go up to the biggest guy in the gym and ask him what his workout is. Then do the complete opposite.” The point to this is that usually the biggest guy in the gym will be a genetic freak. He can walk up a flight of stairs and his quads will grow an inch in circumference (I’m kidding of course, but you get the point).

Genetic freaks can do most anything, including overtraining, and they will get big. Most of them do overtrain and most others read about their routines in the magazines or online and figure that they have to do the same to get big.

It’s actual the opposite. Your workouts need to be short and to the point. The genetically average or inferior individual cannot do long routines if they really want to get big.

Go in there and blast your muscles and then leave. Don’t keep blasting away at them! Once you’ve really triggered the muscle then there is no point in triggering it again and again and again. Matter of fact, this is actually harmful and will prevent muscle growth from occurring. Most muscle building tips leave this very important fact out. Short workouts are the best for growth. Go in there and do your warmup set(s) and then just do 1-2 heavy work sets of each exercise and that’s it. Don’t keep doing more sets. Once you nail the muscle you are done and doing further work will ruin your body’s ability to recover and regrow to bigger muscular size.

3. Eat for Muscular Growth. The saying is old, but still true, “you have to eat to grow”. Think of it like this: You go into the gym to trigger muscle growth. You go home to eat to fill up those muscles and complete the muscle growth process. You can train heavy with short and intense workouts, but guess what? If you go home and eat a few crackers or some garbage food snacks then you’ve just KILLED all your efforts at the gym. It’s the difference between working your butt off and just getting “slightly toned” and working your butt off and getting “massively buff”. If you want the latter, then you are going to have to put your time in at the dinner table.

First and foremost you need protein. Every meal should contain a big form of protein. Lean meats, chicken, tuna, fish, eggs are common protein choices. If you eat 5-6 meals a day, a few of those meals can be protein powder shakes, but for the most part, your big growth meals should be real food meals.

Next you want calories. Along with your protein you want to add a carbohydrate or two and a small amount of fat. For instance you could have some lean meat, brown rice, vegetables, and some nuts. For breakfast you could have eggs, oatmeal, fruit and toast with some peanut butter. You want to try and eat clean, no garbage foods and snacks that will make you fat. It’s all about protein and calories to make you bigger and more muscular.

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