Top 10 Tips To Incorporate a Healthy Lifestyle and Lose Weight Quickly and Permanently

By Chantell Baptiste

If being healthy was easy, everyone would be doing it. But, it’s not really as difficult as you think it is. The problem is that there’s just so much information out there about what to do and what to eat that you just about need to have a Masters degree in nutrition to make sense of it all. The irony is that most studies about what to eat are done by exactly those people.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t take much to be healthy. Anyone can do it. You just need to implement the right plans and commit to doing it. Here are my ten tips to live a healthier life:

1) Make the commitment

It won’t always be easy. There will be bumps in the road and it’s just those bumps that derail the plans of someone who isn’t really committed. Why is it important to you to achieve these health goals? How will you feel when you achieve them?

2) Make it visible

Write down your goals and put them in a visible place. You could put them in your bathroom, bedroom door, or, if you are really brave on the refrigerator – where just about anyone who comes to visit you could see them.

3) Come up with a plan…

Have you ever heard the quote “a man with no plan plans to fail”? I have no idea who said it first, but it’s one of the best things I ever heard. If you don’t have a plan, you’re going on will power alone. Trying something new always takes practice and patience, neither of which are friends of willpower.

4) Track your food intake…

Most dieticians advise their clients to do this and for good reason. Many people do not realize how much they eat every day. Some people eat wonderfully healthy foods, but in such larger portions that weight loss can be near impossible. For example, I started a weight loss group seven weeks ago and one of the requirements is to track your food. One week one of the participants came in and told the group about a salad that she made that week. She shared that she was shocked when she input her food: two cups of greens, a three ounce chicken breast, a cup of chick peas, a cup of kidney beans, some olive oil and a few other vegetables and the tracker informed her that she had just consumed 960 calories! That’s 254 calories more than a Big Mac with cheese! What a powerful thing for her to learn.

5) Schedule your workouts…

When you schedule something you might find it harder to not do it, because there is a guilt factor that comes into play. I schedule all my workouts and cross them off as they are completed. I have all of my clients do this also. On the weeks that their weight loss is not so great, I have them look at their workout schedule for gaps. Most of the time, they missed a workout, or overate and this is a wonderful way to increase awareness for the importance of exercise.

6) Add more greens and whole grains to your diet…

The two most important things to increase in your diet are greens and whole grains.

Greens purify your blood, improve circulation, help prevent cancer and strengthen your immune system, just to name a few benefits. Try greens such as dark leafy lettuces, kale or Swiss chard.

Whereas Whole Grains…not “made from whole grain” products, but real whole grains can lessen a blood sugar increase from a meal, give you lasting sustained energy, improve digestion and are high in vitamin B. Try grains such as brown rice, quinoa or millet.

7) Try to find innovative ways to burn calories…

Run on the spot during commercial breaks, take the stairs or compete with your spouse to see who can do the most lunges during a commercial.

8) Get a buddy…

It’s much more fun to workout with someone than it is to do it by yourself. You will also be less likely to skip a workout if someone else is expecting you to be there. You can also compete with this buddy to see who can lose the most weight in a period of time. No one likes to lose, especially if losing means buying a healthy dinner or workout clothes for the winner.

9) Have a sanity meal or treat day once a week…

No one expects you to be perfect all the time. If you think that you can decide today that you want to lose weight and that you will never again have a piece of chocolate or a burger again, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Set aside one day a week where you promise yourself that you will eat one “bad” meal or have dessert. It’s not only allowed, it’s recommended.

10) Make it fun!

If you don’t find a way to make healthy living fun, you’ll never stick with it. Try a Wii dancing competition this weekend. Find a kickboxing class on tape and do it with your children or go for walks outside with a buddy. Let your creativity flow and watch your waist line shrink.

Try these ten tips this week and see how you feel and feel free to comment if you would like more input. You could also visit my blog for some more tips or to join the conversation with me.

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Cheers to your healthy life!

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