Think Exercise Is Boring? Here Are 5 Strategies For Beating Exercise Boredom

If you’ve been trying to work out more, you’ve probably experienced a train of thought similar to this one: “Oh, great, it’s Monday again. Time for another stupid treadmill session and 200 more stupid crunches. Woo-hoo.” Sometimes, working out just feels like a chore, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry if that sounds just like you – there is something you can do about it! Try one of the five tricks in this article to turn exercise time from something you dread into something you look forward to.

1. Combine Exercise With Entertainment

There are all kinds of fun things you can do while working out: listen to an audiobook or some music, or watch YouTube videos, TV shows, or movies (while using a treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike).

Any of these forms of entertainment can keep your mind off how hard you’re working, or boost your motivation. Plus, working out with some entertainment is a great way to multitask.

If you do your cardio workouts 5 days a week, each one is 45 minutes long, and you watch a TV episode every time you work out, you can catch up on an entire season of that great show you’ve been meaning to get into in less than a month!

What a great opportunity to catch some great entertainment, without feeling guilty about not using that time productively!

2. Game Consoles – Not Just For Gamers Anymore!

All the articles and reports you’ve been reading are true – Mircosoft Kinect for XBOX and Nintendo’s Wii Fit really are great resources for fun, entertaining, and effective workouts. Start one of the programs, pick up a controller, and get moving!

These types of video games, dubbed “exergames,” are more than just a form of entertainment. A study conducted at Michigan State University found that the physical benefits of these games and more traditional physical activities were virtually identical.

3. The World Is Your Gym!

And we don’t just mean walking or running, either. Walks, running, and working out on gym equipment are not the only effective forms of exercise in existence.

There are plenty of other recreational activities that burn calories just as well, including bicycling (my personal favorite), roller-blading, ice skating, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, surfing… Anything that involves moving your body can count as a workout!

4. Get In a Walk Whenever You Can

That said, don’t overlook opportunities to burn calories by walking when they arise.

If there’s a flight of stairs where you are, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking on escalators also burns more calories than standing on them. Even these simple, everyday activities can contribute to your efforts to lose weight and stay fit.

5. Work Out with a Friend

Sharing a workout routine with a friend not only provides accountability and motivation, but gives you someone to talk to while you’re working out, and gives both of you the opportunity to encourage each other.

Not only that, but after a while, you’ll both look great!

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