The Top 7 Diet And Exercise Tips For Anyone Who Is Sick Of Not Getting Results!

Tired of not getting results with your diet and exercise efforts? Try these 7 tips out to start seeing results by TOMORROW!

1. Exercise for the afterburn effect – The afterburn effect is when your body will continue to burn calories AFTER your workout is done. Who wouldn’t want to have something like that happen?! Well, you can, if you do the right types of workouts. The best workouts to do to get the afterburn effect are high intensity workouts (such as sports, high intensity interval training, circuit training) and building lean muscle (especially with compound movements that work your larger muscle groups… such as squats). The reason this happens is because you are not only boosting your metabolism with these types of workouts, you are also increasing your resting metabolism as well.

2. Don’t stop at fitness – If you want to get RESULTS, then it is imperative that you put it in your mind that burning off calories does not stop at fitness. To get quick and consistent results, it is important that you stay active throughout the day. I’m not saying that you should never rest, I’m just saying that you should get up more and do SOMETHING. It could be cleaning, going for a quick walk, fixing something around the house, etc.

3. Never stick to the same exercise routine for too long – Once your body gets accustomed to a particular level of fitness, you will reach a plateau. In other words, you’ll stop seeing progress. To prevent this from happening, what I recommend you do is consistently alternate your exercise routines. This means increasing the intensity, increasing the time you are working out, increasing the weight, etc.

4. ALWAYS follow the basic dieting clichés – What that means is those typical diet clichés you always here (such as eating plenty of fruits and veggies, eat more often during the day with smaller meals, eat plenty of protein, etc.) are all important. Just because those tips have been around for many years doesn’t mean they no longer work. Remember this quote: “The secret to success in any area of life is hidden behind popular clichés.”

5. Never go on fad diets – Fad diets not only are ineffective, they will also cause you to lose motivation. This is because they are so restrictive and they don’t produce consistent results. The types of fad diets to avoid are low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat, and any other type of diet that wants you to significantly restrict nutrients or calories.

6. Here’s what to look for in a diet – It has to boost your metabolism naturally (such as by eating frequently and eating fat burning nutrients), it has to be based on eating all types of nutrients, and it must be easy to do (so that you’ll more than likely stay consistent). Effective diets such as this are hard to find because the bulk of what you see through advertisements and the Internet are nothing but fad diets.

7. Motivate yourself by getting progress – The ultimate solution for NEVER losing motivation is to ensure you do all the things necessary that will produce results. The reason why is because when you see and feel results, you are guaranteed to get more and more motivation!

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