The Top 3 Ways To Eat Your Favorite Foods And STILL Lose Weight Fast And Consistently!

In order to lose weight fast and consistently, there are only 2 words you need to know in order to get amazing results. Those 2 words are nutrition and natural. Natural methods for losing weight and body fat and getting 100% proper nutrition is by far the greatest things you can do to get the body of your dreams… period. That’s really all it comes down to.

That being said, one of the biggest issues people have when they get started with dieting is that they end up having a hard time doing away with their favorite foods. Is this something you are dealing with? If so, then I have for you in this article here 3 simple ways you can eat your favorite foods and STILL lose weight fast and consistently!

First off, before I talk about those 3 ways to eat your favorite foods and still drop pounds, I just wanted to talk about something. My friend, depriving yourself is a surefire way to lose motivation and end up giving up on your goals. I strongly recommend that you avoid following those “diet tips” claiming that you have to give up your favorite foods entirely. Doing so will certainly make it difficult for you to stick to your new healthy lifestyle. Here are 3 things you can do…

1. Make alternatives… Instead of eating the actual bad food, you can always opt for the alternative. For example, instead of sugary apple pie, you can make your own healthier version using whole wheat pie crust, naturally sweetened filling (such as with Stevia), and fresh organic apples.

2. Eat smaller portions… As obvious as this sounds, many people still find this to be difficult. It is VERY hard to have just a tiny portion of let’s say… a chocolate bar! However, if you just do this for a little while, you will actually get used to only having smaller portions of your favorite foods, and then ultimately, you will end up not even craving these foods anymore!

3. Use your favorite foods as a reward… Instead of chowing down on your favorite foods whenever you want, why not use these foods as rewards for accomplishing a weight loss goal? For example, let’s say that you managed to go to the gym for 5 days this week. On the fifth day, you can reward yourself with having a small piece of cake and a small bowl of ice cream for example. This will help you mentally in that you will feel as though bad foods need to be earned… and more importantly, you will ultimately see that bad foods are certainly not something that should be earned… and that’s because they’re bad!

Bottom line, never deprive yourself. I recommend you do those things above so that you can get to the point where you just stop craving those bad foods all together. Trust me, as hard as it may seem, in just a little bit of time from now (as long as you stay consistent with a good natural diet program), you’ll actually begin to feel disgusted when you see, think about, or smell bad foods!

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