The Secret To Giving Into Your Food Cravings Without Giving In? (This Will Make You Smile!)

Two of the worst things you can do with dieting is starving yourself and depriving yourself. That of course means that most of the diet programs out here must be ineffective given that most programs are based around you completely eliminating certain foods or REALLY lowering your calorie intake way too much! If you are sick of having food cravings and feeling like you are torturing yourself trying to avoid eating them, then read on to find out how you can give in to your cravings… without actually giving in!

Now, I’m sure this has gotten you pretty confused. You’re probably thinking I’m talking about doing some super awesome Jedi mind trick on yourself to make you think you just ate a piece of chocolate cake, when in fact you just ate an orange (lol)! No, that’s not what I’m talking about doing…

You see, as I mentioned above, one of the worst things you can do is to deprive yourself. The reason why is very simple. If you deprive yourself, you are only increasing the likelihood of you SERIOUSLY giving in to your food craving! And when I say “seriously”… I mean seriously! For example, if you keep passing on that super strong craving to have a slice of pepperoni pizza, ultimately, you are going to give in and end up eating a WHOLE FREAKING PIE!

There is a way around this.

What I recommend you do to help give in to your cravings without actually giving in fully is to have the healthier alternative of your favorite foods! This is WAY better than giving in to your cravings. The reason why is because you will have satisfied your craving AND you will have eaten something that is actually good for you!

For example, instead of regular chocolate, you can have a small piece of dark chocolate (and yes, dark chocolate is good for you since it is loaded with antioxidants). Instead of ice cream, you can fat-free frozen yogurt. Instead of that fattening cake, you can make your own healthier alternative with healthier ingredients (such as whole wheat flour and egg whites)!

So you see, you don’t have to torture yourself by completely giving up your favorite foods. You can have the healthier alternative and STILL LOSE WEIGHT! Now, you can still eat a very small portion of the actual bad foods that you may crave… and you WILL NOT thwart your weight loss progress. I’m just saying that if you want to eat more of the foods you crave… without gaining weight… I highly recommend you look into having the healthier alternatives of the foods you love instead.

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