The Most Important Thing To Do Whenever You Hit A Roadblock During Your Weight Loss Journey!

At this moment I am just getting over having the flu. I’ve had it for the past week. During this past week I of course felt like crap and could barely do anything. However, I still managed to stay living as healthy as possible through this illness. With me being sick, it got me thinking about how I used to fall off my diet and exercise plan during my journey to get in shape and I had such a difficult time getting motivated again. Well, I learned a valuable lesson during that time, and that lesson is something I wanted to share with you today.

I wanted to help you with knowing exactly what it is you MUST do whenever you hit a roadblock during your body transformation. This roadblock may not be you catching the cold or the flu, it could be final exams, it could be a huge project at your job, it could be you starting a business, it could be a huge event that’s taking up your time, and more. The bottom line is that roadblocks, unfortunately, are inevitable… but they should not prevent you from reaching your goals!

Okay, with that being said, the most important thing you must do when you hit a roadblock is that you MUST improvise, adapt, overcome, and DO NOT quit!

What I mean by that is:

1. To improvise, you have to think of ways to accomplish the overall goal (get healthier and in shape) regardless of the roadblock. Keep picturing what you want to look like and how you want to feel, and keep telling yourself that no matter what, I’m going to reach my goals by any means necessary (that’s natural of course).

2. To adapt, you have to do what it takes to stay living healthy in the midst of the roadblock. Using me having the flu for an example, I of course couldn’t do intense exercises, but I still did some walking. And as you may well know, it is pretty difficult trying to eat solid foods when sick, but that didn’t stop me from still staying healthy. I had healthy soup instead!

3. To overcome, you must stay positive and focused about reaching your goals regardless of what may be getting in the way.

4. And as far as not quitting is concerned, well, that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Bottom line, when you are able to bust through roadblocks and stay on course with getting your body in better shape and better health, you are going to be not just in better shape physically, you are also going to be in better shape MENTALLY as well. This is because when you improvise, adapt, and overcome to reach your goals, and then you successfully reach those goals, this will do nothing but strengthen you mentally to accomplish ANYTHING in life!

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