The Most Effective Types Of Diet Programs That Cause Fast Results Without Causing Yo-Yo Weight Loss!

The quick definition of an effective (and fast) diet program is one that will cause you to naturally lose pounds of fat… without starvation, depriving, or causing you to regain weight you’ve just lost (better known as yo-yo weight loss). Unfortunately, most of the diets out here on the market today are not effective… and this causes this industry to become a billion dollar industry! Why? Well, because when one thing doesn’t work, most of us will just keep buying “the next best thing”. Do you want to stop this VERY expensive (and annoying) cycle? Here are the most effective types of diets that will get you fast results… without the setbacks…

1. Shifting Calories – This is the type of diet program I went on myself… and my results are astonishing… to say the least. I ended up losing 52 pounds in 8 weeks with this type of program. The reason this diet is so effective is because it is based on doing two things…

One, it is based on increasing your metabolism. By now I’m pretty sure you are aware that the ultimate solution for getting the body of your dreams is to increase your metabolism. Well, this type of diet will do just that. It does this by doing one of the most popular diet techniques… eating more frequently throughout the day with small meals. However, this type of diet takes this popular diet tactic a step further…

Two, it is also based around boosting your bodies fat burning hormones. It does this by “shifting” the calories you eat around. What this means is that you will rotate the calorie patterns (the types of nutrients you eat) around on a strategic basis. What this does is it will prevent your body from getting used to your eating patterns. Because of this, your metabolism will STAY running high.

Another feature of this diet program is that you get to eat REAL foods… and you don’t starve either given that you are eating the right amount of calories your body needs to avoid having a decrease in your metabolism.

2. Cheat Day Dieting – This type of dieting is very unique and VERY easy to stick to. As the name implies, you will be cheating frequently with this type of dieting. What this means is that you will be strictly eating VERY healthy on one day, and then on the next day, you will eat the foods you love! The reason this type of diet works is because it will have a positive effect on your metabolic rate.

3. Customized Dieting – This type of program is based around eating the types of foods, eating the amount of calories, and eating in the right pattern… based off of YOUR type of body. Basically, with a diet like this, you will enter in different things about your body (such as your age, height, weight, whether you are sedentary, active, etc.), and then the diet will design a custom program just for YOU. Not only will programs like this customize a diet program with delicious and nutritious food ideas based off of your information, it will also design a fitness program for you as well!

>> Click Here to learn more about these types of diet programs that I highly recommend, and how they can cause you to lose weight fast… and permanently. These types of diets have been proven effective time and time again to be the perfect types of diets for losing weight, burning fat, and getting in the best health… for life.

Bottom line, fad dieting (starvation dieting, low-calorie diets, low-fat diets, low-carb diets, etc.) are not only difficult to stick to and do not produce significant results, they also are prone to causing you to regain weight you just lost. Going on a natural diet program (such as one of the 3 I mentioned above) will get you those fast results you want… without putting the pounds back on!