The Importance Of Keeping Diet And Exercise Fun! (Plus 7 Awesome Tips To Get You Started!)

Want to make diet and exercise fun instead of boring and annoying? In this article I’m going to talk about why it is important to make diet and exercise fun, and I’m also going to share with you 7 easy tips to get started! Take 60 seconds out of your day and read on to learn more…

You see, I always recommend through the many articles and blog posts that I have written to avoid fad dieting for many reasons (mainly because of health complications they cause and the fact that they are ineffective). However, another huge reason to avoid those diets is because they will make you MISERABLE! They not only are ineffective, they are very difficult to stick to.

Besides dieting, exercising the wrong way, and going about exercising the wrong way, will both make you dread fitness!

The reason it is important to make dieting and exercising fun is so that you never have an excuse to slip. If you don’t think that is possible, then that is a clear indication that you are doing things now that are making you miserable.

Here are 7 things you can do to either stop or prevent getting frustrated and annoyed with dieting and exercising:

For Fitness:

1. Workout where it makes YOU happy! If you want to workout at the gym… then do it. Find a gym that is just right for you (environment, hours, rates, equipment, location, distance from your home or office, etc.). If you want to workout at home… then do it. Contrary to popular belief, it is VERY possible to get an amazing body at home… WITHOUT EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT! Body weight exercises work amazingly well, circuit training workouts are highly effective, and small full body workout pieces of equipment (such as The Rack) are effective as well. Speaking of The Rack… it works… period. Don’t listen to what no one tells you… this freaking thing is amazing!

2. Keep your workouts short and explosive! Not only will you have more fun and get done quicker, you will also burn more calories and you’ll increase your metabolism and resting metabolism.

An example of a short explosive workout would be a body weight circuit routine done in about 3-5 sets. For example, you could do 15 squats, run in place with high knees for 30 seconds, 10 push ups, 15 jumping jacks, 10 burpees, 30 second plank, 10 triceps dips, and then run in place again with high knees for 30 seconds. Do that for 3-5 sets with 30-60 seconds rest in between, and I guarantee you, you WILL be sweating your butt off… and it takes less than 20 minutes for this workout!

3. Do sport activities for fitness! If you have a sport activity that you love, you can do this for an amazing workout. For example, I love playing basketball… and I can play for an hour without even noticing it. Imagine how many calories I can burn in one hour running, jumping, and shooting?! Imagine how awesome it is to get in a great workout without feeling bored or frustrated?!

So, if you want to exercise and have fun at the same time, do sports. It could be tennis, racquetball, football, basketball, hockey, and more.

4. Do outdoor fitness! Not only will you decrease stress given that you are getting fresh air, you would be doing things that have proven time and time again to burn off a ton of calories. Examples are jogging around a park, going for a bike ride, swimming, and more.

For Dieting:

1. Look for interesting and delicious healthy recipes that you never tried before! Eating fruits, veggies, and lean meats, as is, every single day, can get REALLY freaking boring! So, I strongly recommend you look around for interesting (to YOU) meal ideas and try those out.

2. Make healthier alternatives of your favorite foods! Love chocolate? Then eat organic dark chocolate! Love cake? Then make your own healthy version with healthier ingredients! Love ice cream? Then make your own healthy version (such as homemade frozen yogurt)!

3. Never eat the same type of food too often! As I mentioned in #1, eating the same types of healthy foods will get boring. The same goes for meals as well. This is something I did before and I paid for it badly! Everyday I would eat the same breakfast, lunch, dinner, and small meals in between. This got boring… and I got frustrated!

So, what I recommend for you to do to not only avoid getting bored, but to also skyrocket your metabolism is to change up the meals you eat. Speaking of changing up the meals you eat, the diet program I went on was based around this method (called shifting calories), and this type of dieting caused me to lose 52 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks.

The reason why is because the powerful and simple meal ideas that the diet program created for me with a software program were jam packed with the right nutrients… but it kept switching all of this around in a strategic manner. This all caused a huge spike in my bodies fat burning hormones… and that lead to a faster metabolism… and then that lead to faster fat loss.

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Bottom line, dieting and exercising does not have to be boring and annoying. Try those proven tips above to make getting your body in the best health of your life enjoyable and sustainable!