The Best Workout Routine To Build Muscle Revealed!

By Dane C. Fletcher

If you have already been training with weights, you may have reached a plateau in your training where you are not growing or building any muscle. It is important to change it up and do something to re-stimulate the growth of new muscle fiber.

Change It Up

One way to do this, is to change the workout totally. If you are lifting heavier weights and using lower repetitions, in the 8 to 10 range, change to somewhat lighter weight and up the reps. Use 15- 20 reps, and 60-70% of the weight you used previously. Emphasize the negative portion of the repetition, going slower on the way down with the weight.

If you are using machines, you can try the super slow routine to get the growth back. Using 60 % of your normal weight, count to 5 on the start of the lift, and another 5 on the way down. This super slow training is very hard and can be painful the first few times you do it. But as it is said, no pain no gain.

The Secret to Bigger Muscles

The real secret to all of this is to train with renewed intensity. Many gym rats are doing the same routine for years at a time, complacent and actually gaining nothing. They may feel like they are getting a good workout, when they are really just wasting time.

Intensity is the key. Changing the routine up every 60 to 90 days helps, but you must keep the muscles working hard. You should end every workout feeling pumped, tired and breathing hard. If you are not, then ratchet up the intensity.

The Heavy Routine

Another great routine to build large muscles and strength is to do a set of heavy bench presses, with repetitions of only 6 to 8. Breathe deeply between each rep. Then perform full squats with as much weight as you can handle also doing 6-8 reps. Repeat the sequence three or four times.

Next do alternating sets of heavy overhead presses with low reps again, followed by deep breathing pull-overs using a heavy dumbbell. Lastly you do heavy arm curls, alternating with triceps press downs. The breathing in all these moves should be deep and slow.

Once complete, you should drink a protein shake with 50 or more grams of protein. Whey protein is a good choice and has been shown to be highly effective for as long as 24 hours after it is first absorbed into the system.

Old School Workout

There is also an old school workout that can achieve benefits too. Use sets of push-ups; arms wide, then standard and then narrow ( hands touching), alternating with pull-ups; also wide, regular and narrow. This is an upper body routine requiring little in equipment, that will blast the body and make you breathe.

Just remember, high intensity in any workout will produce the best results.

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