The Best Time To Start A Weight Loss Plan – (This Will Guarantee Success With Your Plan!)

Are you looking to start a weight loss plan, but you are confused as to when is it best to get started? If so, then in this article here I’m going to share with you the perfect time to get started with a diet program. This is so huge that it could literally guarantee you’ll be successful with your goals! Unfortunately I didn’t know this when I first got started, and unfortunately I ended up suffering from setbacks as a result! If you want to avoid my mistake, read on to learn more…

Okay, the first thing to know is when is it NOT best to get started with dieting and exercising. And that would be with obvious situations… such as you have a physical disability, you are suffering from some type of severe body ache, you have some type of medical issue where dieting and/or exercising needs a doctor’s approval first, etc. Once you have your doctor’s O.K., then start looking into dieting and exercising.

The second thing to know is why is it NOT a good idea to start a program ANYTIME…

You see, you are going to hear many times over why it’s important to JUST START NOW. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. And on, and on. But, there is a problem with doing it this way. The problem is that you may have some things going on currently that could be a major interference with your goals to lose weight (busy lifestyle, school, work, children, etc.). And that leads me to the following…

The Best Time To Start A Weight Loss Plan

The best time to get started is the beginning of the week on Monday. There are several reasons why this day is the best, and here are 4:

1. It allows you to get prepared for your journey. This means getting rid of bad foods in your home. Signing up for a gym membership, or purchasing an at-home fitness program. Purchasing a diet program and learning it before getting started. Eliminating weaknesses that may prevent you from staying consistent (such as keeping a candy jar in your office for example). Adjusting your day-to-day lifestyle to comfortably fit in a diet and exercise plan. Etc.

2. Starting something on the beginning of a week is proven to be a motivating time to start a project (or in your case a plan to drop those stubborn pounds).

3. You won’t have the usual weekend activities (family get together, eating out, etc.) that could potentially interfere with your goals.

4. It’s easier to keep track of your progress.

Doing those things above, along with choosing an effective diet program, will increase the likelihood that you’ll stay committed to your goals. Also, I recommend that you keep a journal as well since doing so can certainly keep you feeling motivated during your journey as you see your progress on paper (or screen if you’re using an iPad, tablet PC, or computer for your journal). Remember, RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS! That is the key to gaining motivation with losing weight. If you continually see results, you’ll continually stick with your goals. And it all begins with starting your journey to a better body at the right time.