The 7 Best Ways To NEVER Lose Weight And Stay Unhealthy For Life!

You want to stay unhealthy and never lose weight for good? GREAT! In this article I’ve outlined for you the 7 best ways to never get significant results, regain whatever weight you “may have” lost, get side-effects, spend LOTS of money, and be more frustrated than ever before! Are you ready to see little to no results starting today? Alright, let’s go…

1. Go on a fad diet! Who needs a natural diet when you can just starve yourself, completely eliminate carbs and fats, drink lemonade or eat bananas all day, or do some other type of exciting unnatural diet technique? I mean, it is MUCH better to have digestive problems, a loss of energy, a messed up metabolism, and so much more!

2. Only do cardio, and forget about building lean muscle! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT touch any weight lifting equipment or do anything related to building lean muscle. All that does is increases your metabolism and resting metabolism… which burns off a lot of calories… even while you rest. Why would you want that to happen? Listen, to get no results, the best thing to do is spend 60 minutes or more doing nothing but cardio! It’s freaking awesome!

3. Just pop some diet pills and be happy! Forget about dieting, forget about exercising, and forget about doing all the other things that so-called “experts” say do and just go pop some diet pills. Who cares if you end up with problems with your heart and other issues?! Oh, and make sure you order an unknown brand online from an unknown website!

4. Skip breakfast! It is perfectly okay if you are starving and craving carbs later in the day!

5. Quench your thirst with some ice-cold soda or juice! Mmm, there is nothing like a tall glass of diabetes and obesity… with lots of ice! Water is not necessary since your body already contains a lot of water anyway. It’s not like you have to replenish it or something.

6. Stay awake as long as possible! You do not need to go to sleep! All sleep is going to do is provide you with lots of natural energy (why would you need that when you can just drink lots of coffee?), it helps repair and build lean muscle tissue (which is pointless because of #2 above), it can burn up to 500 calories (need I say more?), and it increases your metabolism (which you most certainly NEVER want that to happen)!

7. Take as many breaks as possible during your diet and exercise program! Not only do you want to avoid going on a natural diet, you also want to make sure you NEVER stay consistent. All consistency does is guarantees results! And you most certainly don’t want that!


You can go on a natural diet program, focus on building lean muscle instead of doing a crap load of cardio, avoid taking diet pills, NEVER skip breakfast, put down the soda and juice and drink lots of water, GO TO BED, and stay consistent with living healthy. If you do this, then you WILL get results… without emptying your bank account, getting side-effects, getting yo-yo weight loss, and getting frustrated! Which path do you choose to take?

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