The 3 Types Of Diet Programs That Live Up To Their Hype (And Yes, They DO Exist!)

Can’t figure out which type of diet program to go on? Don’t want to get stuck with a low-carb program, low-fat program, low-calorie program, a prepackaged meal program, or some other type of crazy diet? Well, in this article here I’m going to first talk to you about what I learned about those aforementioned diets, and I’m also going to talk to you about the 3 types of diets that I personally have found to be the absolute most effective programs for losing stubborn pounds of body fat… FOR ANYONE (age, gender, current weight, activity level, etc.)!

Firstly, This Is What I Learned About The Most Popular Diets…

The most popular diets (reducing carbs, fats, and calories, or those prepackaged meal programs) is that for one, they are incredibly expensive. Secondly, they are all unnatural. Thirdly, prepackaged meal programs are unhealthy for you because a lot of those foods are processed and have preservatives in them!

Now to explain a little further, reducing carbs will cause issues with your digestive system and your energy levels. Reducing fats is not a good idea, because you need healthy fat in order to effectively lose weight and protect your heart. Reducing calories is okay, but with these types of diets, they want you to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce calories… and this will do nothing but slow your metabolism down (and you DEFINITELY don’t want that to happen)!

Here Are The Types Of Diet Programs I (And MANY Others) Have Found To Be The Most Effective…

Before I talk about those 3 highly effective programs, please understand that the significance of your weight loss with these programs will also be determined by the amount and type of exercising you do, if you’re drinking plenty of water, and getting an adequate amount of rest as well.

1.) All Natural Diet – First up is the all natural diet. This type of diet is exactly as it sounds. You do nothing but eat normal healthy foods and do normal and effective exercise routines. That’s it. No strict reductions of calories or nutrients. This type of dieting is very simple, very effective, and very affordable. The only catch is that it takes more time to lose weight. You can typically lose about 5-10 pounds a month with this type of diet… naturally. I recommend this for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of weight (such as only 10 pounds) to lose.

2.) All Natural Diet With “Special” Cheating – Next up is again an all natural diet… but with a twist. This type of dieting involves mixing in cheat days strategically. Programs that are based around this will have you eating normal foods, but on certain days, you will eat cheat foods (in a special way). This may sound improbable, but, it has been proven by many professionals that this type of dieting will really help boost your metabolism. You can typically lose about 10-20 pounds a month with this type of program since it helps increase your metabolism. I recommend this for anyone who needs to lose weight.

3.) All Natural Diet Based On Skyrocketing Your Metabolism – Lastly is a diet that I went on myself, and that would be an all natural diet based on boosting your metabolic rate. This type of diet is extremely effective and very simple to do. You for one get to choose the foods that YOU like from a selection list. Then the program will generate for you a customized menu. All you need to do at this point is follow the menu program.

What’s so great about this type of diet is that you will actually be boosting your metabolism and raising your bodies fat burning hormones simply by eating the foods exactly as it is laid out for you in your custom menu program. Your metabolism is increased because the types of nutrients and the amount of calories you will be eating are rotated around in special patterns. This trick will prevent your metabolism from becoming complacent. Because of this, it has no choice but to raise to the highest point… constantly. You can typically lose about 20-25 pounds a month with this program (I lost 25… and then ultimately 52 pounds in 8 weeks). I recommend this diet also for anyone.

So, if you want to find that perfect diet program, I recommend you look for one based on one of the 3 all natural types mentioned above. To make your search shorter, you can take a look at my review of this program here that I used personally, and is based on #3 above.