The 1 Weight Loss Tip That Can Transform Your Mind And Body Starting NOW! (And NO – It’s Not Eat Less And Exercise More!)

Everyone and their dog these days has a weight loss tip! No wonder so many people have such a hard time trying to get in shape. It’s just so confusing! Do I eat carbs or not? Do I build muscle or just do cardio? Do I eat more frequently or is it pointless? And on, and on, and on! But, there is one extremely important tip that everyone (and their dog… lol) rarely talks about when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape… and that’s what you’re going to find out today.

This tip is very important given that it is something that you actually must do BEFORE you begin a weight loss journey.

But first, I wanted to talk to you about some things that I did personally that helped me drop several pounds of fat in a very short time frame.

Okay, I’m going to get straight to the point here. The things that helped me drop over 50 pounds of fat in 8 weeks were eating smaller meals (a really good diet program designed a fat loss program customized for me based on the foods I liked), boosting my metabolism (which also happened because of the diet I went on), drinking a lot of water, NEVER skipping breakfast, avoiding eat late at night, and doing higher intensity cardio and also doing resistance training workouts.

All the above is what helped me… and it was easy to do and the results came quickly and permanently. The reason why is because everything I did was NATURAL! No fad dieting, no taking diet pills, no meals delivered to me in the mail (which are nothing but processed foods by the way), and anything else that is unnatural.

BUT, there was something else I did that helped me reach my goals consistently…

The One Weight Loss Tip You Must Know (And Do) Before Beginning Your Journey…

What I recommend you do before you get started on a diet program and exercise regimen is to ensure you have a lot of enthusiasm before starting! Having a ton of enthusiasm is the ultimate weapon to attack any type of negativity (lack of support, cravings, stress, and more) that happens very frequently!

The more enthusiasm you have, the more you are going to block out the foolishness and stay committed to your journey.

But what if you don’t have a ton of enthusiasm?

Good question. Some of the things I recommend you do to increase your level of enthusiasm are:

1. Visiting Internet blogs that are journals of people who are trying to get in shape.

2. Watching YouTube videos of people who have had success with their diet programs.

3. Visiting online weight loss and/or fitness forums.

4. Reading health/fitness magazines.

And last but certainly not least (in fact, I should have mentioned this first), I recommend that you take the time out and clearly determine why exactly do you want to get in shape… and then WRITE IT DOWN and have it displayed in as many places as possible as a reminder. It could be to improve your overall health, it could be to get a better job, it could be so that you can live longer, it could be because you have a wedding or another special event coming up, etc.

So, if you want to ensure you have success with your journey, then the one weight loss tip I recommend you work on first is ensuring you have a TON of enthusiasm prior to beginning. This way you’ll break through any negative barrier that could potentially keep you from reaching your goals!

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