Symptoms of Overtraining: 5 Signs You Are Exercising Too Much

Exercise usually takes centre stage when it comes to health and weight control, but doing too much training can be just as detrimental as not doing enough.

You could divide people into three camps when it comes to exercise:

1. They’re doing little or no exercise at all – NOT GOOD [lots of people in this camp]

2. They’re spending hours at the gym doing double classes or tons of cardio or regularly doing twice daily sessions – NOT GOOD [lots of people in this camp]

3. They’ve found a ‘just right’ balance of enough exercise to keep progressing but not so much that they’re exercising too much – GREAT [hard to get and stay in this camp].

Although it’s great when people get into an exercise regime, it can be a problem when you over train. As I used to be a serial over trainer myself I thought I’d write about why exercising too much is not beneficial for your health or your weight. As counterintuitive as it may sound, doing a load of exercise can easily do more harm than good and actually cause you to put on weight and certainly cause some health problems, not least some physical injuries.

So, if you’re secretly thinking to yourself you may be overdoing it, check out these 5 signs of over exercising.

5 Signs Of Over Exercise

1. You feel as if you’re putting on weight even though you’re doing more exercise

When you over train you mess with your hormones, particularly cortisol. Elevated cortisol levels due to too much exercise can lead to an increase in insulin resistance and fat around the mid-section. If you’ve been working out like crazy and nothing else has changed in your diet but you’re getting lumpy around the middle, then it could be a sign of too much exercise.

2. Your appetite and craving for sugar & caffeine have increased

This is a classic sign. If you notice that your craving for sugar and caffeine has gone up, take a look at your exercise routine for the last few weeks. When I used to over train back in my late twenties, it felt like nothing I ate could satisfy me and refuel my energy levels. Both of these are signs of over exercise.

3. Your muscles and joints have an ‘achy’ feeling throughout the day

If you have little muscle and joint pains, injuries that won’t improve or a general feeling of heavy limbs that just won’t go away then you need to take a good look at your exercise regime. When you over exercise, you’re not giving your body (or your mind) a chance to recover and heal before you go at it again. Eventually, a more serious injury will force you to stop, so make sure you listen to those niggles and rest up before it’s too late.

4. You have no ‘oomph’ when you’re exercising, and are slower or weaker

If you’re constantly fatigued when you exercise that’s another sure sign you could be over exercising. Clues here are running or walking much slower than usual, not being able to lift the weights you can usually lift or struggling to finish a class that you can usually do easily. If this is you, taper down so you can come back fighting.

5. Your mind tells you you’re slacking off, even though your diary is filled with exercise

If your mind is playing tricks on you and telling you to do more, when in reality you’re already burning the exercise candle then that’s the fifth sign of over exercise. Too much exercise can cause you to be irritable, moody and your mind to try to make you believe you need to go harder when what you should be doing is exactly the opposite. Watch our for these mind tricks and use your diary and objectivity to make the decision: if you’re already doing a lot of exercise but your mind is telling you to do another session, then tell your mind to ‘be quiet’ and go lie on the sofa.

We hope you exercise lovers will take heed of these five signs of too much exercise. If you do feel like you’re over training, why not take a week off your usual activity and do some gentle stretching and a couple of walks? Then ease back into your training, after ensuring you’re not doing too much.

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