Super Fruit Nutrition – 3 Fruits For Maintaining A Healthy You


Hopefully by now you will have realized that eating fruit in your diet is of great importance. There have been lots of coverage in the past few years about miracle fruits that you can eat that will ‘make you lose weight’ or ‘live forever’ but these can be hard to come by and can be very expensive to buy. So what are the super fruits that you or me can buy cheaply in any store (or even grow ourselves for that matter) and what is so super about them?

This small fruit packs a mighty punch in terms of its nutritional value. This fantastic fruit tops the tables in terms of the quantities of antioxidants they contain. Antioxidants help reverse the process of oxidization that happens with our bodies as we get older. By increasing the amounts of antioxidants in our diet and bodies we can reduce our risk to heart disease and cancer. Blackberries are also high in trace minerals such as manganese which help us maintain a strong skeletal frame and ward off osteoporosis. They are also an excellent source of vitamin C, which is important in maintaining a healthy immune system. They taste great and they are really good for you as well!

We’ve all seen athletes eating bananas both before and during their races or sporting events. But why are they eating this fruit rather than something else? Well it has been proven that eating just two bananas will provide the human body with enough energy to complete a very physical 90 minute workout. It’s the three types of sugar in a banana (namely glucose, fructose, and sucrose) and the generous fiber content that make them ideal for pre, post and during workout snack. Bananas are also a very good source of potassium which our bodies use to keep the nervous system, skeletal frame and heart in tip top condition. The chemicals a banana contains are also reported to help enhance ones mood – you just can’t help smile when eating a banana.

Peaches are another great source of antioxidants helping us battle the ravages of time on our bodies. As with most fruits they are an excellent source of dietary fiber and along with the mild laxative effect that peaches have they will keep our digestive system in tune. The dietary fiber helps to prevent damage to the mucus membrane of our colons thus helping to prevent cancer and preventing other diseases an access point. Peaches are a good source of vitamin C and A. Reports tell us that vitamin A helps to ward off cancers in our glands and organs.

These three fruits are inexpensive and readily available in any store and can also be easily grown at home. You don’t need a huge garden either, there are special cultivars that have been specifically bred to be grown in containers on your patio or balcony. Now you can have these super fruits right outside you kitchen door!

We’ve only covered a few of their marvelous nutritional benefits but it shows how essential it is to have fruit in our diets – needless to say everything should be enjoyed in moderation.

Scott writes for the web site Calories In Fruit and takes a personnel interest in promoting healthy eating within schools and families.

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