Stop Food Cravings! 4 Quick, Easy, And Healthy Snack Ideas To Beat Those Annoying Cravings!

The best way to stop food cravings is to do so with… FOOD! Just telling yourself “I am not going to eat such and so bad food” or trying to do some other type of mental trick may not be that effective… and especially in the beginning of your diet. Below I’ve written for you 4 super quick, very easy, very healthy, and VERY delicious snack ideas that will not only help you curb strong cravings, but they will also satisfy you, and they will provide your body with beneficial nutrients that will help you reach your weight loss and fat loss goals quicker!

1. Sliced vegetable medley! What I recommend for you to do is to cut up a variety of raw veggies (such as broccoli, carrots, celery, and add in some cherry tomatoes) and put them in an air tight bowl. Then, when you get a craving, grab a handful of veggies and snack on those! You can eat them with organic ranch dressing or some other type of healthy dressing (I recommend that you make your own homemade dressing).

Another tip to go with the above is to put the vegetable slices in sandwich baggies. This way you can just grab a baggie of vegetables on the go! This could even be a cool mental trick if you are craving a bag of chips (lol)!

2. Make a giant bowl of freshly cut fruit medley! For example, I recommend that you cut up some cantaloupe, melon, watermelon, and add in some grapes. Then squirt freshly squeezed lemon on the fruit and mix (for flavor and to help it last longer). Then, what you’ll have here is a delicious sweet tooth calming snack! Simply spoon out a nice serving of fresh fruit and make your own fruit salad! I highly recommend you do this yourself and avoid spending the very HIGH price for already prepared fruit salad!

3. Here is one of my favorites… Crush up some healthy unsalted nuts (such as almonds or walnuts) and mix them in with fat-free organic Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt is very healthy (mainly due to the amount of protein in it) and of course, unsalted nuts (like almonds) are also very healthy for you as well (due to the high HEALTHY fat content). However, this snack has more benefits besides how healthy it is. It will most certainly calm cravings, it can actually count as a quick meal (especially if you add some fruit with it as well), it stops hunger pangs, it provides energy, and this type of snack is very versatile (you can add all kinds of things)!

4. Whole grain toast with peanut butter or almond butter with shredded apple on top! This snack is super healthy and super delicious! For the bread, I recommend bakery style whole wheat bread that you slice yourself instead of normal whole wheat bread. However, if you can’t get that type of bread, then sliced whole wheat bread will certainly do! This snack is very filling, quick, easy, and most certainly a nice treat for yourself after a busy day!

So, if you want to stop food cravings, attack those cravings head on with FOOD! To do that, simply have healthy snacks (like the ones above) that are filling, delicious, and VERY nutritious!

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