STOP Drinking THIS Immediately If You Want To Lose Weight And Maintain Good Health!

My colleague Joel Marion (creator of the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet) sent me an e-mail that I certainly wanted to share with my friends and reader’s of! This e-mail (or article… or rant) talks about something we all thought was healthy… but is certainly far from it!

This article is going to put the rest a popular myth that MANY people (including myself) fall for so often when trying to improve their overall health and lose weight. Read on to find out more!


By: Joel Marion

They told you it was healthy.

They TOLD you it’s what you’re supposed to be drinking.

“No no…put that Kool-Aid down little Jonny…drink this insteadddd.”

“Have some of this Billy…it gives you so many of the vitamins and minerals!”

Orange juice…apple juice…cranberry juice…juice juice!!!

It’s all sugary crap.


Parents, get a clue.  Adults, you too.  If you’ve got OJ sitting in your fridge thinking your doing anyone a favor, think again.  It’s needless calories.  It’s pointless sugar.  LOTS of sugar.

“But it has so much Vitamin C!”

Wow, a fat person who doesn’t have a cold.  That’s who I want to be.

25 grams of sugar in an 8 oz. glass.  That’s right…TWENTY FIVE.

And you know you don’t just drink 8 ounces…


How bout fiber?

Zero fiber.

Oh wait…double it for a regular-sized glass that people actually drink from…

ZERO again.

You know what has a full day’s worth of Vitamin C?  That’s right…an orange!  It also has 4 grams of fiber and a quarter of the sugar.

Eat fruit.  Don’t drink juice.

“But what about ‘All-Natural’ juice?”

I said don’t drink juice.

In fact, don’t drink anything that has calories (with the possible exception of a protein shake).  Instead, get your calories from filling, wholesome, nutrient rich food…not empty beverages.

You’ll be less hungry.  You’ll consume fewer calories.

Embrace water.  Flavored waters even.  Get all crazy and float a lime.

Just try it…don’t drink a single calorie at all this week.  You’ll probably drop a couple pounds.  Repeat next week.  Write to thank me later.

End rant.

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