Still Can’t Get Motivated To Lose Weight? Try This Little Trick To Boost Your Motivation Level!

Have you tried everything you can to increase your motivation to get in shape, but, you still can’t get motivated to lose weight? Well, there is another little trick I did myself that helped me out personally with getting more motivation, self discipline, and willpower to stick with my diet and exercise program. Take some time out of your day and read on to learn more…

First, Here Are Some Common Ways To Get Motivation…

1. Coming up with a reasonable goal that is attainable but very motivating. This could be something such as losing 10 pounds a month, dropping 2 dress sizes in a month, etc.

2. Writing down your goals and keeping them visible. This is a very simple but powerful motivator.

3. Watching motivating videos. YouTube doesn’t just have hilarious cats and babies, they also have a ton of motivational videos of folks just like you and me who struggled with diet and exercise… and then overcame their weaknesses… and then FINALLY reached their goals!

4. Reading success stories. Success stories, such as my story on how I lost 52 pounds in 8 weeks by using a simple diet program, are very motivating. This is not just because of the goals that were accomplished by the individual, but also because of the fact that success stories detail everything that was used (such as the diet, the exercise program, etc.) that caused the success. So this in turn will provide motivation and information.

5. Seeing transformation photos. Transformation photos are even more powerful when they are accompanied with #4 above.

6. And more.

But, What Do You Do When The Common Motivational Boosters Don’t Work?

Well, if you are finding that the common ways of motivation are not really working for you, then there is another simple trick you can do. This was something that worked for me personally when I reached a point in my diet and exercise program where I started to lose motivation…

What I did was I put a number on everything! What does that mean? Well, many of us love numbers. Numbers are motivating, inspiring, and very exciting. If you transfer that into diet and exercise, then you can certainly make your weight loss goals more exciting!

Putting a number on everything means for example coming up with mini goals that are attached to numbers. For example, you could have goals of trying to accomplish a certain amount of calories burned for the day, a certain amount of calories eaten for the day, the amount of ounces of water you drink for the day, accomplishing a total amount of sit-ups or push-ups throughout the day, and more.

Bottom line, there’s just something about numbers! If you are feeling less and less motivated with your diet and exercise program, then I highly recommend you consider coming up with and accomplishing mini goals with numbers attached. Try it!

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