Sticking With Your Weight Loss Plan – 9 Tips To Help You Stay On Your Diet

By Jason Falson

Having trouble sticking with your weight loss plan? If so, today’s post consists of 9 simple and highly effective tips you can put into action TODAY to help you stay consistent with your goals to get in shape and improve your overall health…

The way we look is enough to motivate most of us to get down to our ideal weight. However, it is even more important to keep, or get fit because of health complications that can be caused by being overweight. Carrying too much weight can actually, take years off our lives. As well as this, it can affect our sense of well-being, ruin our self-esteem and diminish our physical capabilities.

Of course, going on a diet is the logical first step we can take to prevent these things from happening. However, starting a diet is easy; it is seeing the diet through to its successful conclusion that is the hard part! So, what can we do to make sure we will stay the dieting course until we are slim and trim? Here are 9 tips designed to help you reach your weight loss goals!

1. Every morning set a goal of successfully dieting this one day. If it doesn’t work out so great that day, start again tomorrow. Make sure you reach your successful diet goal 6 days each week.

2. Find a dieting food plan you can live with. Otherwise you will give up in a hurry.

3. Incorporate an exercise plan that includes at least fifteen minutes a day of aerobic exercise. A brisk walk will do just fine for a start. Actually, exercise is not totally necessary, but it has proven itself to be very helpful, not only for weight loss, but body toning as well. Most importantly, exercise keeps water weight off. This keeps the scale going in your favor and this prevents frustration.

4. Set realistic goals. Make your goals in chunks, like I will lose 7 pounds this month. Looking at a 150 pound weight loss all at once is very daunting.

5. Avoid crash diets. Trying too hard to lose too much weight too quickly is always counterproductive. You may lose a lot at first but then you will reach a plateau where you stop losing weight for several weeks and this might cause you to scrap the plan altogether.

6. Remember, many reduced fat foods actually contain a large amount of sugar. These so-called diet foods, in large dosages, are not at all helpful for losing weight and could actually, cause you to stop losing and become discouraged.

7. Drink plenty of water. Think of water as weight loss fuel. Water helps fill you up when you drink it with meals. It also helps prevent plateaus and plateaus have been the reason behind many a failed weight loss plan. In short, drinking water keeps the weight burning pump primed.

8. Eat a lot of small meals. It makes you feel like you’re eating all day. Anyone can wait a couple hours until his/her next meal. Needing to wait 7 hours leads to surrender!

9. Finally, it is important to keep in mind the scale moves erratically. You may be absolutely faithful to your weight loss plan but the scale might not seem like it is cooperating! Realize it is typical of water weight to make the scale vary its daily readings by 4 pounds or even more. Only pay attention to what the scale says today when you compare it to what it said last month.

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