Simple Ways To Lose Weight – 5 Easy Things You Can Do To Burn Extra Calories And Lose Fat Daily!

Are you looking for some extra simple ways to lose weight that can help speed up your weight loss results everyday? Here are 5 very easy things you can do daily to help burn off extra calories and lose body fat!

1. During every T.V. commercial, stand up and do some type of body weight exercise! This is an excellent way to get in a great deal of exercise for the day… and at the same time you’ll still be able to watch your favorite T.V. shows without feeling like you are being a lazy couch potato!

2. For every 30 minutes of sitting, do 5 minutes of exercising. This goes for if you sit at a computer during the day at an office, or you are in school, or you are at home, etc. Not only will this help you with burning off calories, this will also help you with keeping your joints and muscles healthy, this will also help with decreasing stress, and so much more.

3. Park further away from stores! This is a perfect solution for getting in exercise for those who have busy days doing errands. I don’t recommend speed walking or jogging as that may draw unwanted attention to you (lol).

4. Drink a protein shake before every meal! Doing this is a perfect way to feel fuller during a meal, eat less with your meals, increase your metabolism, burn off body fat, and so much more. Simply make a small protein shake (I recommend a healthy Whey protein brand) and drink this prior to eating your MAIN meals for the day. In between your main meals, I recommend that you have small meals. This will also boost your metabolism. Good diet programs are based around this technique, and I highly recommend that you consider programs such as this.

5. Do deep breathing exercises several times throughout the day! Not only is this incredibly easy to do, it is also incredibly beneficial in MANY different ways. Deep breathing can burn extra calories, it decreases stress and anxiety, it provides you with natural energy, it’s healthy for your brain, and so much more! To do a deep breathing exercise, I recommend you breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose using your stomach to draw in air, and exhale using your nose and stomach. Do this for about 10 times several times during the day and watch how amazing you’ll feel!

So, if you have been wanting some simple ways to lose weight in conjunction with being on an effective diet and exercise program, then I highly recommend those 5 methods above. Those are things I do consistently (in fact, I’m doing deep breathing right now… lol), and they have all helped me tremendously with losing weight and fat quicker and easier.

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