Seven Types Of Upper Body Plyometric Exercises You Can Do


Plyometrics are meant for upper body and lower body parts. The workouts range from simple to complex levels, based on strength required to perform them successfully. Sometimes you can do them alone at home as long as you are disciplined and committed. Numerous exercises exist and most of them are done using a medicine ball. They are aimed at enhancing the strength and flexibility of your trunk. Some of the wonderful exercises include the following.

Slams – With your feet positioned parallel to the ground and distanced at a shoulder length, stand straight. Flex your knees a little bit, hold the ball and pull it at the back your head. Then, toss it to the floor as hard as you possibly could to make it bounce back. Catch it on the bounce and repeat the workout.

Over head throws – This is another simple exercise done almost the same way as slams. Start while standing with one foot forward and your knees slightly flexed. Take the medicineball at the back of your head. Then, throw the ball hard towards a target, such as a wall or trainer. Hold it with your hand on the bounce and repeat the exercises.

Squat throws – Stand straight with your feet spaced out more than your hip width. Bend your knees a little bit and holding the ball at the chest, squat down to a parallel posture. Quickly, jump up as high as possible while releasing the orb into the air as high as you can. Then, catch it as it bounces back to your arms and repeat the exercise.

Side throws – These are relatively simple and exciting. You must stand with your feet kept hip width apart. Keep your right foot a short distance in front of the left one. With both hands, grasp the sphere while bending your entire hands slightly. Swing the ball over the right hip as vigorously as you can, and target a wall or a trainer. Catch it as it rebounds and repeat the exercise.

Start throws – Stand straight with both legs a tiny distance apart. Bend your knees slightly and raise the medicineball up to the level of the chest. Swiftly jump up while pressing the ball out as far as possible. As you press it forward, go off with each leg as if running a number of steps forward.

One arm overhead throw – Position your body straight, feet spaced out slightly, and the medicine object grasped with one arm on the floor. Lower the body gradually to assume a semi squat posture. Quickly, go off into the air tossing the orb vertically as high as you possibly can. As it comes down through the force of gravity, catch it on the rebound and repeat the exercise.

Push ups – These are extremely imperative exercises that are easy to do. Position your whole body into a push up posture. That is, lower your body to the ground with the hands and toes as the main supports. Use your arms to push your entire self up, hold in that position for a while. Then, lower yourself back to the push-up position. Do plenty of these work outs to enhance your upper body plyometrics.

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