Myths About Weight Loss Myths! How Do You Know What To Believe When Everyone Is An Expert?

“Exercising this way is wrong!” “Eating that was is wrong!” “This type of dieting never works!” “And on and on!” Are you getting baffled by the overwhelming amount of weight loss myth articles and videos out there? Are you having a hard time figuring out which way is right, or which way is really wrong? Well, in this article I’m going to share with you a simple tip I highly recommend you follow if you want to stop the confusion, stop the information overload, and finally START losing weight!

Okay, I have a confession to make first. Don’t get mad at me, but I admit that I also have a few articles out there myself that are based on weight loss myths (lol). But recently as I was reading through some e-mails, I noticed a couple of e-mails talking about diet and exercise myths. Then, recently before that I saw a few articles on popular websites talking about myths. Then, I saw a couple of YouTube videos talking about fitness myths. And that’s when it happened…

I realized that most of these articles and videos were basically fighting each other on which principle(s) are correct! That’s when I realized that YOU the reader is more than likely sitting there like “HELP… my head is about to explode!”

After noticing all the conflicting myth content out there, I figured I would break away from the “which way is the right way pack” and focus on helping YOU just make a sound decision on what it is you need to do to improve your body.

Okay, there are 2 things I recommend you do so that you stop getting confused on which way is the right way:

1. Common Sense…

Just simply follow basic common sense. For example, common sense will tell you that not eating all the nutrients your body needs will eventually cause some kind of problems. Therefore, diets based around eating JUST one or two types of nutrients are more than likely ineffective.

Another example is that as you lose weight, the amount of calories you eat will have to decrease, and the intensity of your fitness will have to increase. This will prevent you from reaching a plateau.

2. The Principles…

The basic principles of healthy living has always worked and will always work. Those principles as far as nutrition is concerned are eat plenty of veggies, a moderate amount of fruits (due to the sugar content), eat plenty of protein, eat complex carbs (fiber) instead of simple carbs (white flour and sugar), get antioxidants in your diet (such as berries and green tea), and get a healthy amount of healthy fat in your diet (monounsaturated fat and Omega fatty acids).

For exercising, focus more on building lean muscle, do higher intensity cardio for your main aerobic workout, and lower intensity cardio (such as walking) first thing in the morning to burn off stored fat (without risking a loss of muscle tissue).

The other principles are drinking more water, getting more sleep, and of course, avoid processed foods and unnatural foods as much as possible.

Bottom line, you don’t have to keep getting confused with all the “weight loss myth content” out there. It basically comes down to using common sense, following the core principles, and going on an effective and motivating diet. Oh, and I apologize if I contributed to your confusion with an article I’ve written before based on myths (smiley face).

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