Maximize Your Muscle With These 5 Tips


To achieve maximum muscle mass, you need a little bit of knowledge and a lot of effort. Effort is by far the most important factor, but training knowledge is very important as well. Here are some tips for those of you who want to build muscle mass, but are not at all knowledgeable about how to do so.

1. Train with weights frequently. Frequently for me and you could be different. Training volume is a variable that needs to be tailored to an individual. Training four days per week is what I prefer, but some people train six or seven. Those people have good results, as do I. Experiment with volume and see what you respond best to.

2. Keep detailed records of what you do at each session. Take a notebook to the gym and record your sets, reps, rest periods, and exercises used. Outside of the gym record what you ate, any significant outside stresses in your life, any supplements taken, and how you slept the night prior to your training session. Training for big muscle is an experiment. At first, it is helpful to have data to teach you what works best and what does not. It is easy to convince yourself to do things the way you want to, instead of following the best approach. If you have data, you will know that you are cheating yourself.

3. Use compound exercises only. It is a waste of time and energy to concentrate on bicep curls when you want to build mass. Biceps are not that important in the overall scheme of things. Having fatigued biceps keeps you from properly training your back, which is by far a much bigger muscle. So don’t waste your time on exercises that do not deserve your time.

4. Train your legs hard. People cry and moan about leg training like a bunch of grade school girls. They have every excuse in the book why they cannot train legs. The truth is that leg training is hard and requires effort. People want to do everything the easy way. They would try illegal drugs before they tried doing some squats. Little do they know that drugs do not work without effort either. If you cannot come up with enough intestinal fortitude to do some heavy squats or deadlifts, you will never ever achieve maximum muscle. You may as well pass out on the couch, and dream about something else because muscle is not in your future.

5. Eat a lot of food. To be big, you have to eat big. Maximum muscle comes with maximum food consumption. This does not give you a license to eat whatever you want. Some people suggest eating candy bars. I do not suggest that. I suggest that you look at a food pyramid. The food pyramid typically suggests a 2000 calorie diet. Double your calorie intake to 4000. When you stop growing, bump it up 500. Continue the process as necessary.

There are your 5 tips. They are very simple. If you follow them diligently, you will look like the incredible hulk on juice. Not really, but the steps are in front of your face. Do you care to follow them?

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