Make Belly Fat Go Away! 4 Proven Tips To Get Quicker Fat Loss (And No Pills Or Fad Diets!)

Pills, fad diets, and more. I tried them all to make belly fat go away… and nothing worked! Of course I later on find out that the things I was doing does not work effectively… nor is it natural. The good news is that I did FINALLY learn what it takes to lose belly fat (and total body fat for the matter)… and that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

Here are 4 proven tips I learned that will help you with shedding off stubborn fat quickly… but also 100% naturally!

1. Eat the right type of carbs. The carbs that I highly recommend you avoid are simple carbs. The carbs that I recommend you include in your diet are the one’s that have a low glycemic index (such as fiber).

2. Fruit is good to eat, BUT… I recommend you reserved eating fruit first thing in the morning as opposed to anytime throughout the day. The reason why is because although fruits are healthy for you, many of them still have an abundance of sugar in them. If you reserve only eating fruit in the morning time, not only will you provide yourself with energy to start your day, you’ll also prevent problems with your blood sugar level (which is one of the things that causes cravings).

3. Include calcium in your diet. Many people assume that all you need to lose weight and make belly fat go away are foods that are high protein, healthy fat, health carbs, and antioxidants. Although those nutrients are SUPER important, there are other nutrients that are highly important as well. One of them being calcium.

Including calcium in your diet has a lot of benefits. But in regards to burning off stubborn fat, many researcher’s have found that eating foods rich in calcium and even calcium supplements can increase your bodies ability to burn off fat! This obviously means dairy products (which by the way gets such a bad rap when it comes to dieting). Now of course, if you are going to be eating dairy products, it’s vital that you eat them in moderation and I recommend you choose the healthier versions. If you are lactose intolerant, then I recommend taking a calcium supplement.

4. RESULTS! That word is the one word that you have to keep in the front of your mind at all times during your journey to improve your body. If you want to maintain motivation to improve your body, the #1 ultimate source for motivation is seeing and feeling results. Don’t worry about anything else… just focus on obtaining ANY level of results. This could be 1/2 inches off your stomach, it could be.5 pounds lost, or it could be 3 inches off your waistline and 5 pounds lost. It doesn’t matter… just focus on obtaining some type of results. The moment you do, something activates in your brain… and then before you know it, you have a TON of motivation to stick with your goals to get the body you’ve always wanted (including burning off that stubborn belly fat)!


Activate your metabolism as soon as you awake. Doing so will help your body burn off calories throughout the whole day! Two things I recommend you do is a very short but super intense body-weight circuit workout and drink a glass of ice-cold water.

The body-weight workout should be around 3-5 minutes long and it should comprise of doing at least 3-5 different workouts (such as running in place, push-ups, mountain climbers, or burpees for example). Be sure to stretch as well (to prevent injury and to also help with giving you energy to start your day off strong)! Drinking ice-cold water the moment you awake causes thermogenesis… which is your body burning off calories in order to quickly warm the water up!

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