Indirect Weight Loss: Lose Weight By Fixing The 1 Thing That Has Nothing To Do With Diet Or Exercise

What the heck is indirect weight loss you ask? Is it some new stupid diet fad? Are you going to have to spend $99.95 (plus tax) in order to get it? NO! This is not some new fad diet… in fact, it’s not even a diet. Indirect weight loss is exactly as the name implies… doing something to change your body… that has nothing to do with traditional weight loss methods. To find out more, continue reading…

Okay, I just want to quickly mention before I continue that you WILL have to do normal dieting and exercising in order to get in shape. What I’m talking about in this article is something that you MUST do before you start your journey, or if you have already started, then this is something you must do to fix a lack of motivation and a lack of progress.

Alright my friend, let’s get right into it.

If you want to lose weight without all the headaches that usually accompanies a body transformation program (such as losing willpower, losing motivation, keep falling for cravings and temptations, and not getting any results regardless of what you are doing, etc.), then you must fix the one thing that many people seem to overlook when they start their transformation journey… YOUR BRAIN!

The power to transform your body and not let anything get in your way comes directly from your brain. What this means is that you must have willpower, you must have inspiration, you must have motivation, and you must NOT have stress or anxiety. Let me explain why…

For willpower, inspiration, and motivation, you need all 3 during a diet and fitness program because the reason you got out of shape was due to you NOT having those things. Had you had a strong willpower, you would not fall for that delicious cheese cake, had you had a lot of inspiration, you will have stayed focused on the health of your body and kept it in shape, and had you had a lot of motivation, then you would have fought through any setbacks and stuck with eating healthy and staying in shape.

1. For willpower, I recommend that you focus on accomplishing small tiny achievable goals. By accomplishing these small goals, you will gradually build up your willpower, and ultimately you will be able to overcome any potential weakness that may try to interfere with you achieving your goals.

2. For inspiration, I recommend that you consistently feed your inspiration to live healthy and improve your body inside and out. To do this, I recommend you get books, magazines, visit blogs, watch movies, get pictures and/or paintings, etc. that all have to do with living healthy.

You have to CONSTANTLY feed your brain inspiration in the beginning of your journey, because in the beginning, your brain is going to try to fight you and steer you to being lazy and eating poorly… and that’s because that was what your body was used to for so long. You can break this by consistently feeding your brain inspiration for healthy living!

3. For motivation, it all comes down to results! Keep doing whatever you can, no matter how big or how small, to achieve some type of results with your body. When you see or feel results with your body, your motivation level is guaranteed to skyrocket through the roof!

Alright, with those 3 things said above, let’s now talk about stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety is absolutely BRUTAL for anyone who is trying to improve their overall health and body. The reason why is because stress and anxiety can thwart your goals to get in better shape in so many ways!

Those 2 evil things can cause problems chemically by releasing a hormone called cortisol in your body. When this chemical is released too much, it is stored as body fat! They can cause problems mentally by preventing all 3 things above (willpower, inspiration, and motivation) from strengthening. Stress and anxiety can also cause you to have strong cravings for bad foods and use bad foods for comfort. And believe it or not, they can cause even more problems!

What can you do to fix stress and anxiety?

Ironically, exercising more often will most certainly decrease stress and anxiety (especially with stress relieving exercises such as hitting a heavy bag, speed bag, or reflex boxing bag). Deep breathing exercises are an excellent method to help this problem. Take hot baths or showers at night before going to bed. Listen to classical, jazz, or serenity (such as Enya) music. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Take a walk (especially nature walks) more often. Get more plants in your home. Burn incense. Get closer to your religion (if you have one of course). Meditate. Practice yoga. Do stretching exercises more often (I recommend this no matter what so that you’ll prevent injury with fitness and to also help build muscle more effectively). And more!

Bottom line, to ensure you get great success with improving your body, you must also improve the health of your brain. If you do, you’ll eventually get to the point where you’ll become obsessed with all things healthy! And from that point, the sky is the limit with how amazing your body will become internally and externally!

Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget to SMILE more often!

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