I Changed These 3 Things And Ended Up Naturally Losing 25 Pounds In A Month

Do you have goals of naturally losing 25 pounds in a month (more or less)? Are you spending a ton of your time and money trying to find the next best thing and you are still not getting anywhere close to reaching the goals you have for yourself? If this is the case, then what I’m about to talk about next should be a breathe of fresh air! I know it was for me once I realized the following 3 things (which unfortunately for me, I learned the HARD way)! Take some time out of your hectic day and read on to discover 3 things I changed that helped me quickly, easily, and 100% naturally lose several pounds of FAT (not muscle) in 4 weeks…

1. Instead of having a high carb breakfast…

I switched and started eating a breakfast that primarily had plenty of protein and healthy fat.

Why did this make such a big difference?

Well, when you eat a breakfast that is loaded with carbs (in particular, bad carbs such as white flour and sugar), you will more than likely crave bad carbs all through out the day, and you’ll end up feeling more hungrier throughout the day. When you eat a breakfast that primarily has protein and healthy fat, you avoid the possibility of developing those strong cravings and hunger pangs.

Protein is filling, nutritional, and will help you burn fat. Healthy fat (such as nuts) will provide you with energy (which is why it makes perfect sense to have instead of the other energy source… CARBS), keeps you feeling full, and more.

2. Instead of taking diet pills…

I switched and started taking natural supplements.

What did this do for me?

Well, for one, taking diet pills is certainly not a good idea. All they mainly do is help you lose water weight. If you need to lose water weight, simply drink more water… (seriously!). Second, diet pills can cause a ton of harm to your body. Third, they are WAY over-priced! And lastly, you’ll usually end up regaining whatever weight you lost!

Now, taking natural supplements is not an alternative to diet pills. Natural supplements are not designed to help you lose weight. However, they actually could help you, IF, you are doing all the other things you have to do to get in shape (drinking plenty of water, getting lots of sleep, eating right, etc.).

The types of supplements I took (and still do by the way) are green tea extract, fish oil, flax seed oil, multivitamins, vitamin C and D, and chromium.

3. Instead of fad dieting…

I went on a “lifestyle change” type of diet.

What’s the difference?

Fad dieting is based on doing things that are highly restrictive to get quick results. A lifestyle change type of diet (such as the program I used HERE) is based on doing things that are 100% natural to get REAL results. How committed you are will determine how fast you get those REAL results.

In the end, I was able to lose 25 pounds in one month, and then I ultimately lost 52 pounds in 2 months… consistently and permanently. If you too make those changes above like how I did, then I’m sure you too can get amazing results as well… easily, consistently, and without putting the weight back on!

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