How To Regain Motivation To Diet And Exercise If You USED To Be Motivated (This Will Make You Smile)

Did you start a diet and exercise program some time ago, and then you fell off the wagon? Or, did you once diet and exercise before, and then reached your goal, but you now have regain weight and need to diet and exercise again? If either of those situations is something you are going through at the moment, or if there is something else that occurred that caused you to lose motivation with diet and exercise… when you were once already motivated, then this article is certainly for you!

Today I’m going to share with you a very valuable tip that helped me tremendously during my journey to get the body I always wanted. This tip helped me so much because I was once motivated like crazy to get in shape, then I regained weight, and for some reason, I couldn’t quite get the same type of motivation I originally had!

First, What Is The Difference Between “New” Motivation And “Renewed” Motivation?

Well, new motivation is much more easier to come by. This is the type of motivation that comes to those who are first starting out with diet and exercise. They are pumped, excited, motivated, and ready to make a change with their lives. I’m sure you’ve felt this once before. This is also a very common thing that happens right around New Year’s!

Renewed motivation is different. This type of motivation comes about after the person has already been motivated to accomplish their goals with dieting and exercising, started these goals, finished or failed with these goals, and then finds themselves needing to start back up with a plan to get in shape. This is, for most, harder to come by…

Here’s What I Recommend If You Need To Renew Motivation…

You see, when I originally starting dieting and exercising, my motivation levels was absolutely through the roof. There was nothing stopping me! But then… I stopped my program, regained some weight, and for some reason, I couldn’t get myself motivated again like how I used to be.

And that’s when it hit me…

I was trying to do EXACTLY what I did before when I originally started my program. So I thought, “maybe that’s the problem… maybe I need to do something different”. And it worked!

So, a very effective key to regaining motivation (if you used to be motivated before) is to take a different approach to diet and exercise! If you used to do weight training and the elliptical machine for cardio during your original program for example, switch it up this time and do something like body-weight exercises, cross fit, sport activities, etc. For dieting, first off, ALWAYS stay natural, and secondly, try out something new that is fun, VERY effective, and is NOT restrictive (such as low-calorie, low-fat, and low-carb types of diets)! You can check out the high effective and highly recommended program I used HERE.

This has helped me tremendously with regaining my motivation back. It basically feels like you are starting for the first time when you take a fresh approach to dieting and fitness!