How To Optimize Fat Loss When Starting A Weight Loss Program


When most people set out to lose weight their plan typically involves some sort of dieting and exercise. While diet and exercise are certainly two parts of the fat loss equation, they’re not the only parts. You’ll notice that I’m focusing on fat loss as any reduction in body weight from water loss won’t last very long.

An important fact to remember is that body fat is nothing more than fuel and it has to be burned as energy. The process for how fat is burned by your body is called lipolysis. This process like all others in your body is 100% controlled and regulated by your hormonal systems. If you don’t have the correct hormonal balances you won’t be able to burn fat efficiently no matter how much you exercise or cut calories.

The primary objective for everyone looking to lose body fat is to create an ideal environment where fat can be effectively released and used as energy. This involves a serious of events that will incorporate several functions of your body. The first place to start is creating proper digestive system function. Being able to assimilate nutrients and remove metabolic waste is essential if you want to send the right hormonal signals for burning fat.

An unbalanced and overburdened digestive system is without a doubt one of the most common hidden obstacles to fat loss. As a certified personal trainer I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients express difficulties with losing fat while reporting healthy eating habits and adequate amounts of physical exercise.

During consultations the conversation often leads to discussion about digestion and elimination. Many people will find discussion about elimination to be somewhat embarrassing but I’ve found it to be a surprisingly common problem, especially with women. If you haven’t gone to the bathroom in several days you can pretty much cancel out any chances of your body sending the right hormonal signals for burning fat. You simply can’t keep building up metabolic waste and expect your body to function optimally.

A build up of toxins and metabolic waste will reduce your ability to assimilate nutrients and slow down the functions of several vital organs including the liver. Did you know that your ability to metabolize fat efficiently is largely controlled by the health and function of your liver? The reality is your liver is the most important organ in the body for removing and eliminating toxins from the blood. When the liver gets overwhelmed with toxins all bodily functions will suffer.

Common symptoms of a build up of metabolic waste include;

having little or no energy

infrequent eliminations

skin rashes or acne


weight gain

suppressed immune system (getting colds, being sick frequently)

inflammation (pooch belly, bloated stomach area)

If you experience any of these symptoms I would strongly recommend you start your fat loss program with a cleansing/ detoxification process along with removing any foods that would cause irritation and inflammation in your digestive system.

The primary source of metabolic waste and toxins is derived from the foods we eat. This is more of a problem today than ever before. While earlier generations consumed mostly whole foods, the standard American diet today contains lots of processed and refined foods.

Chemical restructuring processes like hydrogenation has led to unnatural substances that create inflammation in the body. An example would be “trans-fat” that has been shown to be significantly more harmful in the body than saturated fat. The process of hydrogenation was intended to increase the shelf life of products like crackers, chips, cake mixes, microwave popcorn, cookies, and other processed foods. The fact that these are altered and unnatural forms of food should be explanation enough for why they are poor choices.

The bottom line is that with so many toxins being presented to our bodies you need to look at optimizing your digestive system if you want to lose fat effectively. Detoxification and cleansing may be completed in many forms but one of the easiest things to do is follow a fruit and vegetable only diet for 7-10 days.

While somewhat time consuming, a regiment of fruit and vegetable juice drinks is a safe and extremely powerful strategy for cleansing and detoxifying the body. It’s an excellent way to prepare your body for fat loss.

There’s amazing healing power of fruits and vegetables that go far beyond balancing out your digestive system. Your body thrives on the natural sugar from fruits and vegetables along with the phytonutrients and antioxidants. A raw food diet can go a long way towards regenerating tissue health in your glands, thereby helping to balance out hormonal levels. Since fat loss is 100% controlled by the hormonal balances in your body it only makes sense to optimize health and function of your thyroid, pancreatic, and adrenal glands.

My recommendation is to remove all processed sugars and refined foods from your diet for at least a week, possibly longer if you’re more toxic. The list of foods to remove would also include red meat, dairy products, and grains. I do this with all my body transformation clients as these foods constitute a group of hidden fat loss blockers in the beginning of any fat loss program. Consume mostly fruits and vegetables either from whole foods or from juices for one week to cleanse your body.

As you end the cleansing process you can slowly incorporate more proteins and starchy vegetables. This strategy will do more to improve your health than any pill or quick fix could ever do. Start your weight loss program by working from the inside out and you won’t be disappointed.

Shane Doll CPT, CSCS is a certified Charleston personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker and founder of Shaping Concepts Personal Training Studios. As a specialist in burst training for body transformation and weight loss he provides nutrition and fitness coaching along with e-books, videos, and other resources. If you would like more information on hidden fat loss blockers check out the video by clicking the link or visiting

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