How To Naturally Reduce Cholesterol – 7 Essential Foods


If you are looking for an answer to the question ‘How to naturally reduce cholesterol?’, you need to consider these six foods that are known for their ability to reduce cholesterol fast!

Lowering cholesterol naturally is significantly easier for those who follow a healthy diet and this is also the healthiest way to fight cholesterol. Workouts can also help you to reduce cholesterol naturally but they are not very effective if your body is still consuming food high in cholesterol. There are also foods that work against cholesterol by lowering your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing your good cholesterol (HDL).

A combination of a healthy diet incorporating these foods together with targeted workouts would be ideal. Many high cholesterol substances in your diet can also be substituted for a more cholesterol-friendly alternative.

Here are 7 foods that will prove to be very beneficial to cholesterol levels simply by including them in your diet:

    1. Oats – Now, it’s time for you to give a break to your regular egg or cheese based breakfast, and try on something like Oats because they are known for their ability to reduce LDL cholesterol by at least 5% in a span of six weeks. Oats contain beta-glucan which absorbs LDL and flushes it out from your body.
    1. Red Wine – According to the Department of Metabolism And Nutrition in Spain, red wine has a dramatic effect on LDL cholesterol. A study conducted by them revealed that red wine can reduce LDL by at least 9% in the span of a few weeks.
    1. Meat or Fish – Meat can do serious damage to people who are suffering from cholesterol and if you can’t avoid meat completely, try to consume low-fat meat. If you use chicken, go for light meat and avoid skin completely. However, the best way to stay healthy is to use oily fishes like salmon in your diet. They are known for their ability to increase good cholesterol in your body and replace saturated fats. Include fish-based meals and stay away from meat to stay healthy.
    1. Beans – Beans are known to have a lot of health benefits and for cholesterol patients, the advantages are even more enormous. They can reduce LDL by 8% and the high fibre content in them keeps your body detoxified. Beans are also a natural source of proteins, so they provide you with the necessary nutrients too.
    1. Spinach – Apart from their extensive supply of vitamins, spinach is also known for its lutein content that fights muscle degeneration and reduces the chances of a heart attack. This is interlinked with cholesterol issues so can use steamed spinach as a part of your meal and fight cholesterol.
    1. Garlic – Garlic has many health benefits such as preventing blood clots, reducing blood pressure and fighting against infections. They are also known to keep cholesterol particles away from your artery walls, preventing a build up of cholesterol in your bloodstream.
  1. Olive oil – Olive oil is a cholesterol-friendly replacement for the usual sunflower cooking oil. It should be used in low flame cooking and they are really good as a part of your salad dressing or on mashed potatoes.

If you want to reduce cholesterol fast, make sure you include these healthy foods in your diet and you will be surprised by their significance. They can do a very good job in fighting the bad cholesterol levels in your body, thus reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. If you add 3 or 4 days of cardiovascular workouts with this diet, you will be amazed with your results. Cholesterol is often an overlooked health issue with disastrous consequences so take action now!

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