How To Lose Weight Using 5 Unconventional Means

Tired of the same generic tips on how to lose weight? Read on for 5 unconventional ways you can trigger fat loss, weight loss, and an improved overall health…

Get a good digital scale

If you buy a good digital scale you will be able to measure up to a tenth of a pound or kilo. That way you will be able to really track how you are progressing, as some days you may lose just two or three tenths of a pound, and on normal scale it would not really be visible, which might result in you losing motivation.

If you want to eat something – eat it

This is a golden tip. If you really feel like eating a pizza, go out and grab a slice. Or if you are up for chocolate – go grab a small bar.

The key to a good diet is not to torture yourself, it is to lose weight. If you desire a type of food and don’t let yourself fulfill that desire, it is just going to explode in your face sooner or later and you will end up eating a family sized pizza or two huge chocolate bars, while a slice of pizza or a bite of chocolate would likely be enough to satisfy you.

Eat what you desire. If it’s not healthy, eat as little as you can.

Hypnotize yourself

Hypnotize yourself to lose weight. Hypnosis is simply getting yourself to a state where you are much more likely to accept suggestion, and while you are in that state giving yourself positive suggestions (via a hypnotist’s voice) that will help you lose weight much more easily.

Do more housework

Hey, kill two birds with one stone. By doing more housework you will not just burn loads of calories, but your significant other will be extremely pleased with you as well, which might lead to additional (and frisky) activities in the bedroom that will burn even more calories!

Become accountable to others

When you are truly accountable to another person, like your mom, or girlfriend, or best friend, you will have a much harder time cheating.

Promise your mom that you will go shopping with her, or tell your girlfriend you will take her to that new chick flick starring Meg Ryan, and tell your friend you will give him 20, 50 or 100 or even more bucks if you fail your goal.

The point is that the activity you promise you will do for or with the person you are accountable to has to be very uncomfortable for you.

So there you go – some unconventional means to losing weight. If you know of some additional ones, I’d love to hear about them, so let me know.

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