How To Cheat During A Diet And Not Feel Guilty Later! 4 Useful Tips

Are you looking to start a diet, but you’re afraid you won’t be able to have cheat days? If so, then I have good news. With any NATURAL diet program, you can in fact cheat during the diet and NOT suffer any consequences! Having said that, it’s important to know how to cheat during a diet in order for it to not ruin your diet and make you feel guilty. Here are 4 tips that I followed during my diet that helped me be able to cheat without the guilt, without ruining my diet, and actually helped me skyrocket my metabolism!

1. In The Beginning Of Your Diet…

Only have cheat meals and not cheat days. Now I’m not judging you or anything, but the reason this is so important is because more than likely in the beginning of your program, you are going to be more susceptible to giving up.

Therefore, having ENTIRE days devoted to eating like you lost your mind is highly NOT recommended when you first start out! The best approach that worked for me and many others is to simply have a cheat meal (and snack or dessert) once a week. Once you have been on your program for at least a couple of weeks and have been consistent with it, you’ll find it easier to have full cheat days and not fall into the temptation to continue cheating past your cheat day!

2. Do Not Ruin Your Diet…

By overdoing it on a cheat meal or cheat day. This is important because when you cheat, chances are your body is craving bad foods like crazy since you have been eating healthy more often. Therefore, it is very easy for you to devour whatever bad food is in sight!

It is important to note that although you are eating healthier than you are having bad foods, if you over-do it with cheating, you can still ruin your diet.

What I did on my cheat days is I would have my favorite meals in medium-sized portions. For example, for breakfast I would have a bowl of my favorite sugary cereal, for lunch, I would have maybe a burger and fries, and for dinner, I would have some spaghetti. That’s it. And the next day, it was right back to normal healthy eating.

3. If You Don’t Feel Like Cheating…

DON’T! This is great news! This is a tell-tell sign that your body is starting to crave healthier food options! When I got to this point I was so freaking happy! It almost feels liberating to know that bad foods no longer control me… I control when I want bad foods or not!

So, if when your cheat day arrives and you are not craving bad foods, then by all means DO NOT force yourself to eat them.

4. Get Cheating To Actually Work For You…

By doing it in a way that it will actually boost your metabolism. The way to make this possible is by going on a diet program that is centered around eating more often during the day (such as this extremely powerful program here). The reason why a diet such as this and cheating goes hand-in-hand is because both of them combined (if done the right way) will SKYROCKET your metabolism to the maximum peak for crazy fat loss!

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