How To Avoid Yo-Yo Weight Loss – 5 Highly Effective And Simple Tips To Stop Rebound Weight Loss

By Michael Mukoyogo

We all want the lean toned look and we don’t want to wait for it. That means that losing pounds fast to reveal the body beautiful is the order of the day. But how do we do this and keep it off? Since so many “successful” dieters end up regaining the weight, how do we keep that weight off and avoid yo-yo weight loss?

As the saying goes, there is no point climbing a ladder if its up against the wrong wall.

The best diet is the diet that isn’t a diet, but rather fits into and around your lifestyle. The way to get this is to slip into a nutrition plan where you learn the habits of the slim person you aim to become. it’s the epitome of the phrase; “Be, do, have”. If you want it, you have to become the choice you choose.

1) Implement changes that you can live with for life

Ever wondered why they are called crash diets? Because crash you will, into a dieting dead end. Yo-yo diets are built on making changes that can only be temporary.

2) Find and use a plan that fits you

There are many rules in weight loss but the most important is that of energy balance. Take in less calories than you use and you will lose weight. Find a way to do this as easily and simply as possible.

3) The good news

It doesn’t take massive changes, instead its all about making small changes. the right changes made and held consistently over time will help you to lose pounds fast, and keep them off / Avoid the yo-yo phenomenon.

4) Avoid yo-yo weight loss gimmicks, fads and miracle solutions

The solution is going to be you, you just have to figure out how to be it. Its all about your ability to find and bend the rules to suit yourself. Bearing in mind that for weight loss energy balance is the only thing you have to get right, there are plenty of ways to make weight loss fit you.

When you do, you’ll know about it, and so will everyone else because you’ll look as great as you feel having got this handled. And you wont be back either. Once you have this handled, it stays handled, you’ll have the habits in place.

5) Don’t rely on unsustainable exercise

Why would you try to? it’s the most strenuous option, and it’s the most likely to fall by the wayside when things far more important than your early morning fasted cardio come calling. It’s life after all. Trying to shoehorn more exercise in is a sure fire route to failure, not weight loss.

Besides, sorting out your nutrition plan in line with your goals is where you will get the most bang for your buck, so focus on that and you won’t have to worry about how to avoid yo-yo weight loss.

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