Healthy Diet Foods – 6 Easy Guidelines for Buying Whole Grain Bread

Eggs? Check! Bananas? Check! Bread?… Ugghh the dreaded bread isle! Another day at the grocery store, picking up items to supplement a healthy diet, and you’re once again found lost amongst the vast sea of never-ending breads. Whole grain breadis a popular example that can be extremely overwhelming when trying to choose a healthy option. That is why I’m going to make this as simple as possible for you. No more confusion in the endless bread, bagel, tortilla, and pita isle. Enough with the tricky “health” claims on labels like “all-natural”, “stone ground”, “whole wheat”, and “multi-grain”. How are we to know what’s legit and what’s a scam? Use these 6 easy guidelines to help you select the best bread.

1. Check the first ingredient

If the bread lists “enriched, bleached flour”, “wheat flour” or something of that character, that tells you that the bread is actually coming from processed white flour. Instead, look for “whole wheat flour”, “whole grain”, or better yet “sprouted grain” as the first ingredient. Whole grain means the entire grain kernel was used, which is far more nutritious and fibrous than a refined grain.

A personal favorite is Ezekiel 4:9, Food for Life brand. These sprouted grain products are located in the freezer section of many grocery and health food stores. The English muffins are awesome! Ingredients list starts with “organic sprouted wheat, sprouted barley, etc.”

2. Don’t fall for marketing tactics

Terms such as “Multi-grain”, “7 or 12-grain”, “100% natural” seem like great choices. But the food label must state that its “100% whole grain” to truly meet your standards. Also check the ingredients list to make sure the first few ingredients are whole grains.

3. Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

HFCS has become an extremely used processed sweetener and preservative due to the low cost to manufacturers. It should be limited in diets as much as possible. It helps bread appear more brown, soft, and “natural looking” as if it came right out of grandma’s oven!

Examples of high fructose free bread are Brownberry’s Arnold Natural Health Nut or Rudi’s Organic Bakery Buns.

4. Just because its brown doesn’t mean it’s healthy

Many dark rye breads list enriched or bleached flours as the first ingredient. Numerous wheat breads are enhanced with caramel coloring to make them appear healthier. Throw some refined oat flakes on top of the loaf and it’s no wonder we wouldn’t throw it in our grocery cart.

5. Fill up on fiber

High fiber, whole grain breads (such as this one here) aid in proper digestion, helps prevent heart attacks, diabetes, certain cancers, and can keep your blood-sugar level at a certain point. Refined grain bread is stripped of its fiber and various nutrients from the grain kernels during the milling process. Afterward, it is then enriched with vitamins and minerals, but still does not have the nutritional value or the fiber that whole grains contain. True whole grains will contain at least 3 grams of fiber per slice, so check the label.

6. Look at the serving size

Many labels give calories, sodium, fiber, and other nutrition information for one slice. That’s fine, as long as you double the numbers before you make your sandwich. Also, don’t make the mistake of comparing one package where serving size is for 2 slices and other package for just 1 slice. For most people, they’ll eat two slices, so make sure your calculations are correct when comparing both.

Once you apply these guidelines, you’ll quickly realize that majority of bread options are refined insulin-spiking grains, full of high fructose corn syrup and additional sugars, hydrogenated oils, and other garbage. You cannot go by the front of packages and fancy phrases. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, eat healthy, or just avoid processed foods, it’s important to always check the food label and ingredients.

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