Finding The Perfect Diet – The Top 7 Steps To Break Out Of “Chronic Diet Choosing Syndrome!”

Diet reviews. Fancy advertisements. Celebrity endorsements. Success stories. HELP! Finding the best diet for you that is sure to work and will be simple to follow is like getting a tooth pulled… without anything to stop the pain! Okay, maybe that was a slight exaggeration, but you get the point! Seriously though, choosing a diet is a very annoying endeavor for most, and if this is something you are going through, here are my top 7 steps to break out of what I like to call “the chronic diet choosing syndrome!”

Step 1 – Understand that a diet is just a tool. A healthy lifestyle is what you are aiming for in the long run, and a diet just helps you condition your mind and body to start living healthy… for life. Understanding this important step first will keep you from feeling like the only way you’ll ever get in shape is by going on some diet.

Step 2 – Never choose a diet based strictly from who has used it successfully. Now granted, it is important to ensure other people were successful with the diet, but please don’t use it as your sole barometer in selecting a diet. The reason why is because one diet that may have worked for someone else, may not work for you… and that could be for a myriad of reasons (such as body type, lifestyle, current medical concerns, genetics, etc.).

Step 3 – Always, always, always go natural. If you want to ensure you get quick, consistent, and permanent weight loss, it is vitally important that the diet you choose is 100% natural. And by 100% natural I’m referring to NEVER starving yourself, NEVER restricting nutrients too much, and NEVER doing anything that is too dangerous.

Step 4 – Look for positive and negative testimonials of the diet you are interested in to get a COMPLETE view of the effectiveness of the program. Don’t just look at one or the other.

Step 5 – Customization is VERY important. Everyone is different, and everyone will respond differently to a diet. Therefore, I highly recommend that the diet program you choose has a feature that will allow you to customize your diet. And by customizing, I’m talking about choosing the types of foods you like, choosing a vegetarian option, etc. The diet I went on was based around this, and because of the customization feature… the following step happened…

Step 6 – Make sure the diet is simple to follow and implement into your daily… but is also effective. As mentioned in step 5, the diet I went on was customized just for me, and that was one thing that REALLY made it simple (and actually FUN) for me to stick with the program (click here to learn more about the diet I used). But besides that, a simple diet is one that doesn’t have you restricting foods, doing weird things, or doing anything that is very dangerous that will have an adverse effect on your daily life due to side-effects (such as digestive programs, a loss of energy, etc.).

Step 7 – After you have chosen a diet based on the six steps above, now there is one more step left: STAY CONSISTENT! If a diet is based on steps 3, 5, and 6, then it is almost guaranteed to be effective. It’s ALMOST guaranteed because there is one more ingredient to make it DEFINITELY guaranteed… and that would be you staying 100% consistent with the diet.

BONUS TIP: One secret that has enabled me to stay consistent with a diet was making sure I never deprived myself and I rewarded myself with a GOOD cheat meal (or snack). What I mean by “good” is choosing a cheat snack or meal that is your FAVORITE. It could be sugary cereal, cake, cookies, pizza, etc. When you reward yourself, this increases your motivation and will help you stay consistent!