Fat Burning Meal – Rules and Examples of A Day Meal Plan


So now you’ve probably made up your mind to go on a diet in order to lose weight and live healthy. Thing is, you are always running out of time due to a very hectic schedule at work, and so you end up eating those unhealthy treats from your favorite fast food restaurant. To keep you from doing this, here is a fat burning meal plan to aid you in preparing your meal for the day and so you won’t end up starving yourself and craving for more food.

First Meal – Breakfast at 8 or 9 AM
• Egg
• Oatmeal that consists of flax oil
• ¼ slice of Apple

As we all know, breakfast is certainly the most significant meal of the day. Therefore, try to come up with a meal that has around 300 calories for that very first meal of the day. Indicate on your meal plan that your breakfast should be a bit heavier as compared with your meal for lunch.

Second Meal – Lunch (12 noon)
• Tilapia
• Asparagus salad
• Grapefruit

Your lunch should be filled with veggies and fruits, so you can either have cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, or any vegetable salad with some fruits. The meal above has the asparagus and grapefruit. To make your lunch even tastier, come up with a delicious vegetable recipe, like the asparagus with goat cheese and bread crumbs.

Third Meal – Snack at 3PM
• A cup of yogurt
• Plain Rice Cake
• Prunes

To avoid starving at work, have some snack in your fat burning meal plan. Come up with a tastier meal snack, with low fat content, like the cup of yogurt and some rice cake. Include your favorite fruits too, like the prunes, or think of other fruits that you like, but make sure that it will not go beyond 250 calories.

Fourth Meal – Dinner (9 PM)
• Chicken dish
• Potatoes
• Sweet Peas

Your last meal of the day is dinner, and it is important that you must prepare different set of meals for your dinner time each day. So you can have some chicken on the first night, fish for the second night and steak on the third. Do not forget to include some vegetables on it like the sweet potatoes and sweat peas.

When coming up with a fat burning meal plan, remember that it should be something worth tasting and delicious. But bear in mind that since your purpose of coming up with this meal plan is to lose weight, it should consist only of healthy and nutritious foods, that are also low in calories. Keep in mind that when it comes to losing weight, you should enjoy your journey and be happy with your diet, so always eat foods that are acceptable to your taste, so you will stay motivated in your quest to lose weight.

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