Fat Burning Furnace Reviewed and Dissected

By Jason E Jones

The Fat Burning Furnace system is a revolutionary diet solution which will help you to lose weight and tone the muscles in your body, this system is simple to follow and compared to other systems is relatively easy to complete the program (it is not extreme dieting). Thousands of people have succeeded with this new way of losing weight, it is also medically backed by the Better Business Bureau association who have given the fat burning furnace an “A” rating.

Fat Burning Furnace Dissected

The author “Rob Poulos” was originally obese and decided to do something about it, he lost 40 pounds and then went on to help others using the same techniques he managed to discover, having achieved success with these people he went on to create the guide as we know it today.

It is a proven system and guide that tones your body and enables you to lose weight, the main guide is 158 pages long. The primary focus is fat loss and the secondary focus is toning up muscles and improving overall health. The core principle that is explained very well, is that fat loss is not created by consistently losing calories but instead he uses techniques to increase your resting metabolic rate (rmr), combined with a nutritional element.

A higher (rmr) = Gives your body the ability to burn more calories without doing anything – even in your sleep!

The system is covered by the Better Business Bureau association and has awarded the fat burning furnace an “A” rating, many video testimonials from people that have tried the system are available on the website It has a 60 day money back guarantee and a $4.95 “try before you buy” offer (this includes the full system)

The return rate of the product according to most online sources is less than 2%

Pros of Fat Burning Furnace

  • System can be used at home, no need to sign up to an expensive fitness club
  • Short workout programs
  • Dietary plan to follow based on eating healthy
  • Meal plans and recipe ideas included
  • Customer support
  • Suitable for men and women (any age)
  • Main focus is eating healthy and (rmr) training
  • Proven system – testimonial videos and images show many people have toned their bodies and lost weight

Cons of Fat Burning Furnace

  • Weird looking website
  • Numerous mentions of a vitamin company that he recommends you use
  • This system is not for hardcore cardio fitness fanatics, you will be disappointed
  • The detailed videos cost extra which is a shame
  • If you want the hardback book this also costs extra

Fat Burning Furnace Conclusion

The Fat Burning Furnace system is the best choice if you are looking for an effective diet system that is proven to work, backed by hundreds of real people and business associations that have used the product. You can simply and easily get rid of any excess weight and tone your body at the same time with the Fat Burning Furnace.

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There is also a trial version for $4.97 when you click the previous link or the banner below.

Additional Details

Delivery method: Digital Download (E-Book/PDF)

Author of product: Rob Poulos

Price: $39.97

Prices with videos: $69.97

To get the trial version for $4.97 visit here (this includes the full system)

For a comparison chart of alternative diet systems click here

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