Fast Weight Loss Dieting – Shouldn’t I Just Decrease My Calorie Intake To Lose Weight Fast?

Speed. That’s typically the first word that comes to the minds of many who are looking to get in shape. Fast weight loss dieting is something that many want to do, but don’t really understand what truly will work quickly… WITHOUT the negative consequences.

That being said, one of the most common approaches to lose weight fast is to simply decrease your calorie intake.

The theory is very straightforward: If you eat X amount of calories a day and you are either gaining weight or maintaining weight, then simply reduce your calorie intake by X amount, and you’ll get amazing results. Although the numbers game here makes sense, it’s not as straightforward as it may seem.


The reason why is very simple: It is highly recommended that you DO NOT solely focus on losing weight fast simply by decreasing your calorie intake simply because WHAT and HOW you eat is more important than HOW MUCH you eat.

You see, you could just decrease your calorie intake and eat nothing but an unhealthy lunch each day (such as 4 slices of pizza and some fries) to reach your total daily calorie intake requirement.

Doing this may equal the total amount of calories you need as far as NUMBERS are concerned for you to lose weight, but you are doing your body a major disservice. What will end up happening is you’ll suffer from a mountain of problems (a slower metabolism, digestive issues, more body fat, a loss of energy, and more)!

The primary focus should always be on what it is you are eating and how you are eating as opposed to how much you are eating. This is not to say that you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight. You still do need to eat a little less than you normally would if you want to lose weight, but the point I’m trying to make is that strictly focusing on decreasing your calorie intake is not going to get you the results you want.

Now, to explain the WHAT and the HOW…

The WHAT means eating the right types of nutrients (such as foods high in antioxidants, healthy fats, healthy carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals). The HOW means eating smaller meals more often throughout the day, eating slower, not eating bad foods late at night, ALWAYS eating breakfast every morning, etc.

So, to answer the question of if you should simply just decrease your calorie intake to drop those pounds quickly, as you can see from the above, this is definitely not a good idea. Focus more on what it is you are eating and how you are eating and you’ll not only drop pounds quickly, you’ll also improve your overall health as well… PERMANENTLY!

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