Easy Weight Loss – 2 Quick And Simple Methods To Lose Lbs Fast And Stay Motivated!

Have you been looking for easy weight loss methods that were let’s say… I don’t know… EASY?! If so, I completely understand your frustration! There are so many supposed simple ways to lose weight out there, but yet most of those methods are more complicated than the more complicated methods! Go figure! Anyway, in today’s article I have for you two simple (and I mean that literally) ways you can not only get quicker results, but you’ll also find it more motivating to stick with your goals…

With nutrition, make tasty versions of your favorite foods…

You see, when it comes to dieting, one of the biggest problems people have is that they have a hard time giving up the foods they love. Well, firstly, you should never deprive yourself anyway because this will only lead to you binge eating later on, and secondly, you can actually make tasty versions of your favorite “bad” foods!

For example, you can make a healthy version of pizza by simply using whole wheat dough (whole grains), olive oil (healthy fat), chicken breast (protein), broccoli (vitamins, fiber, minerals), etc. Do you crave cookies? Well, there are endless recipes for cookies that you could make! For example, if you love chocolate chip cookies, instead of regular milk chocolate, use dark chocolate (MUCH more healthier), etc.

This goes for just about every type of food you could think of (candy, chips, pretzels, and more)!

By doing this, you are not depriving yourself AND you are STILL eating healthy on top of it! Imagine that: you get to eat your favorite foods (the healthier version), and you’ll still lose weight!

With burning off calories, increase the intensity of daily activities…

I’m pretty sure you already know that in order for you to lose weight, it’s going to go beyond just exercising and dieting (even though nutrition is the most important aspect). One of the things you must also do is stay active throughout the day. In other words, you have to get off the couch and stay active!

With EVERY single activity you do throughout the day, whether it be brushing your teeth, cleaning around the house, yard work, washing the car, moving things around, and even sleeping, all of these things will burn off calories! This is why it is so important for you stay active throughout the day. Sure you may burn several calories during an exercise session, but if you want to achieve your weight loss goals quicker than you ever thought possible, then making sure you stay as active as you can during the day is by far one of the best things you could ever do.

That being said, if you want to speed up your progress even more, then one little simple trick you could do is to either/or speed up or increase the intensity of your daily activities! This way you’ll kill two birds with one stone: First, you’ll get your daily tasks done more quicker and efficiently, and second, you’ll burn off even more calories!

For example, turn normal dish washing into a workout by moving around quicker as you do the dishes! Yes, whoever may live with you might think you’re crazy, but at least you’ll have a sexy lean body in no time! lol

Now, I don’t want to insult your intelligence here, and I’m not trying to be funny (although it would be hilarious in a cartoon), but I feel it’s still worth mentioning that if you try this out (doing some of your daily activities quicker), that it is very important that you first use common sense, and second, don’t go too crazy with things (such as cleaning the bathroom with stealth speed and end up hitting your head on the side of the toilet or slipping on the floor)!

One more thing, as I mentioned earlier, nutrition is by far THE most important rule of getting the body of your dreams. Therefore, I strongly suggest you search carefully for a diet program that is based around getting proper nutrition. Once I started on a program based heavily on what, when, and how I ate foods, I saw results in the first few days and ended up reaching my full goals in just under 8 weeks. So, no matter what you see in those advertisements, food is the greatest weapon in your arsenal for attacking body fat and stubborn pounds.

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