Drinking Lemon Water to Lose Weight: Why You Should Do It


Today the weight loss industry is full of lots of different and confusing information and many diets, diet foods and gyms but sometimes the simplest things are the ones that work. Drinking lemon water to lose weight is one of the simplest things that you can do and it is extremely healthy for your body. Lemons are cheap and they can boost your immunity, help digestion and also good for the heart.

They have a multitude of benefits for people trying to lose weight and improve their overall health. They are one of nature’s healthy cocktails loaded with pectin, vitamin C and citric acid. All these can help your body regulate its systems more efficiently. Consuming lemons will get waste out of you quicker and help you shed the pounds faster.

The problem is that they are very sour and not very many people can eat them like an orange or apple so the best way to take them into your body is in making lemon water to drink to lose weight. Just slice up some lemons and add them to all the glasses of water that you would drink each day or buy some lemon juice and squeeze it into your water.

Citric acid is high in lemons and this high amount can cause the acid in your stomach to increase. Higher amounts of citric acid helps the stomach and other digestive organs to work better and break food down easier which will help you absorb more nutrition from the other foods that you eat and will help remove the waste better. This action will help your body lose weight more efficiently and not store fat. Food moves though the digestive tract faster. Just think, combining this with a healthy diet and exercise and you would have a perfect weight loss plan that is healthy and good for you.

Vitamin C is also important for losing weight and a healthy body and lemons are loaded with it. Increasing your intake of vitamin C helps keep the immune system charged up and increases the amount of carnitine which helps the body keep off excess fat out of the muscles.

Pectin is also found in lemons and it also helps the digestive system increase its efficiency. Pectin also lowers the glucose levels and aids in lowering cholesterol which keeps your heart healthy. When these three power houses are put together into a tiny lemon it makes for one healthy food. But there is one other benefit that lemons have on the body.

They alkalize rather than acidify. This is weird because they are an acidic fruit but when they are digested they do the opposite which is alkalize. This is good for you because it reduces excess mucous and helps with inflammation in tissues and other areas of the body and makes it easier to lose weight. Studies are showing that inflammation can cause all sorts of bad health effects.

So drinking lemon water to lose weight is a cheap but healthy thing and very simple. Often the simplest things work the best. So with lemons you get the best of both worlds, an easy weight loss aid and a health boost to your system.

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