Don’t Have Time to Exercise? Think Again: 10 Ways to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Schedule

One of the most disappointing things I commonly hear people say is this: “I don’t have time to exercise.” What!? If you’re awake, you have time to exercise.

I’d agree that some people are too busy to actually find time for a traditional workout, such as hitting the gym, going for a jog or bike ride. However, there are countless ways to incorporate exercise into everyone’s daily routine. Start doing the following things, or use this list to get creative yourself, and these tips can help improve your muscle tone, fitness level and even blood pressure and cardiovascular performance.

Here are 10 ways to incorporate fitness into your schedule:

Walk whenever possible – Walk to work, park farther from the door at the store, take walks during breaks at work and at home after dinner.
The American Heart Association recommends people get at least 30 minutes of moderate to strenuous cardio exercise three times per week and the good news it can be broken up over the course of a day!

Exercise with family – Many people say family commitments, such as having kids, keeps them from going to the gym like they used to.
Well, turn family time into exercise time. Find ways to be fit as a family, such as bike rides, stroller walking-jogging or backyard ballgames.

Multi task – Many treadmills nowadays have built-in desks, such as the 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill. Get your work done reading, making business calls or on the computer on this ingenious machine while you walk on the treadmill.

Plan “fit-togethers” – Instead of meeting friends for a long, calorie filled lunch, get together at the park or trail and go for a brisk walk or bike ride.
Then have a quick, healthy lunch afterward.

Be sporty sports parents – While attending your kids’ soccer games, baseball games, etc., get up and spend some time walking around the field while you still keep your eyes on the action.

Drink lots of water – OK, this one may seem a little strange on a list of exercise tips. However, drinking lots of H2O does actually help you exercise a little bit – and definitely helps keep calories off. If you drink lots of water ii will help satisfy your hunger and also get you up off your behind more often because you’ll have to use the bathroom more often.

Buy a pedometer – This is a fun way to track how much you walk and-or run and help you set goals. Some businesses actually have contests using “step counts” and offer prizes for those who do the best.

Take the stairs – Instead of the elevator, take the stairs whenever possible and walk them briskly. This will give you good cardio exercise and help tone legs.

Look at yard work/housework as exercise – I actually don’t mind raking leaves or working in the yard because I look at it as killing two birds with one stone – by working briskly I get a good workout and also get a lot done in my yard. That makes me feel doubly good afterward.

Buy home exercise equipment – The thing I enjoy most about having a home gym is that I can exercise when I want, for how long I want and don’t have to worry about waiting in line at the gym, going out in bad weather, or getting to the gym just after it closed.

If a workout room is right down the hall, that certainly saves a good amount of time right off the bat! There you go, 10 reasons time can actually be on your side when it comes to staying fit.

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