Do These 4 Things And You WON’T Get 6 Pack Abs

by Frank Robins

A lot of people dream about getting a flat, toned mid-section. However, most people do not know how to go about actually getting them. Reason being everywhere you look there’s an ad for a new but ineffective way to get the job done. If you mimic what the masses are doing, you’ll never get the results you want. Here are a few reasons how NOT to get a 6 pack.

Doing Regular Crunches

Doing solely just crunches is not going to get you a six pack. Just like any other muscle group, your abs need to be worked HARD for them to grow. Crunches provide a LOW level of stimulation because the only weight you are using is your own body weight. Not only that, crunches also target just the upper portions of your abdominal muscles leaving you with under developed lower abs.

Starving Yourself

This is a big one. Almost everyone that you talk to will say that in order to lose weight and show your 6 pack, you have to starve yourself. That is not how things work! When you starve yourself, what ends up happening is your body goes into survival mode and drastically lowers your metabolism in an effort to conserve energy. On top of that, your body will start to tear down your muscles for fuel. Not a good for getting toned, bulging abs.

Using Expensive Contraptions

These things don’t work and are a huge waste of your money. Having electrical impulses automatically contract your abs while you sit and lounge around isn’t going to give you any good gains. Like I stated earlier, you need a good amount of stress and stimulation in order to cause your abdominal muscles to grow. These devices and contraptions provide little or no stimulation whatsoever.

Just Taking Diet Pills

Many people use diet pills incorrectly. Diet pills are only effective when they are taken as a supplement to a healthy and effective fat loss routine. Just by themselves they do SQUAT to help you burn fat and reveal your six packs. Don’t waste your money as they’re not needed in order to give you results.

A good method to getting a six pack involves doing the right exercises that really WORK and STRESS your abdominal muscles. You also need to be eating right kind of healthy foods like clean carbs and lean proteins that promote fat loss which actually REVEALS your hidden 6 packs.


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